Is the U.S. education system superior to China's?

  • I agree that the U.S. education system is better than Chinese as the number of colleges and universities that exist in U.S.

    First, evidence is that for any education system to be successful, you need to have a successful model, and American education model is far superior than Chinese. Secondly,the criterion of English is more applicable to American as the Chinese are less fluent, and there are less number of English-speaking people compared to American. Thirdly,the number of students and professionals enrolling in US universities and colleges rather than the colleges and universities in China.

    Posted by: I0rFashion
  • I was a chinese student two years ago, ai.can defenitely feel how.u.s. education system is far superoor than China's, although american students usually don 't have.such a good grade in test

    The best advantage of u.s. education system is that students have freedom. Not the freedom of loaf the day, but the freedom of choose our own future. The situation was so different in China. I lived in China for twelve years, I do think that my math teacher made smarter then the students in u.s., but China's education system also made me feel scared of school. If I don 't do good on a final or even just a test, the punishment would either be get yelled and beat by teacher, or have a tons of homework. And this started for even in elementary school! So not only me, ninety percent of chineses students don't like school, school is just like the hell for them. But it would so different in u.s., I can feel the freedom, and I can feel that I am learning knowledge for myself instead of teacher's wage! U.s. education is just like a free -zon, we could controlled our own fate!!

  • Although China's education system creates smart children, the U.S. educational system raises free thinkers.

    There is much to be said for China's education system. Clearly, the system creates smart children. However, beyond knowing facts and formulas, an education system should prepare its children for the future. The United States system develops and encourages free thinking, whereas China oppresses such ideas. Thus, American children leave the education system with an advantage that Chinese children do not.

    Posted by: SpikyWesley
  • America's education system is superior to China's because we guarantee education for everyone.

    The United States via legislation guarantees education for all. While the education a student receives varies from region to region, all children are ensured education until they are 21 years old. Additionally, unlike China, we offer grants to low income families to break cycles of poverty. All of these are somewhat relative, and only apply to this moment, as political parties in the U.S. are trying to decrease all of the above mentioned programs.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • Yes, as we allow for more imagination and creativity. Also test scores are from ALL students, not just those who were educated to succeed.

    China screens and decides where students would best excel. They are guided toward the areas where they would best succeed to serve the country. Others are not included in the posted test scores as they are guided toward vocational trades where, again, they would best serve the country. No room for self motivation. If we continue to try to make ALL students "fit the mold" our scientific invention, artistic expression will be lost. We are not putting children on assembly lines. We have freedom to pursue our dreams and goals. That is more important than a "score" which is not the true way to judge ability.

  • Despite its shortcomings, the US education system is superior to China's.

    The US system, though it has its faults, is quite strong. We have excellent universities and schools of higher education. Our education program is currently suffering from an effort (rightful) to expand education opportunities to all. However, our schools are open to all and provide quality education for all.

    Posted by: R43Shep
  • I think our education system is better than China's, due to the availability of opportunities that we have.

    I think that China's school children do not have the same opportunities that U.S. school children have. The quality of education potential is higher, here in the U.S. I think there is a drastic difference in how we educate, compared to China, especially in very small towns and villages. Here, we more or less have the same opportunities, no matter where we reside.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • I feel that the U.S. education system allows all students to get an education, no matter what learning level they are at, without prejudice, compared to China.

    I believe that the U.S. is superior to China, in regards to education. We give all students a chance to succeed. Our students are not punished if they are not the highest ranked in their class, or lowest ranked in their class. In China, children start at a young age to prepare for a test called the Gao Kao. This one test is taken in high school and the scoring of that test determines if and where they will go to college. Once their score is computed, they also don't have the choice of their major, as the administrator chooses it for them. In the U.S., placement of which college you go to is based on scoring, but not to the same extent as China. We make our own decisions as to where we want to go to college, and work that much harder to achieve those goals.

    Posted by: SneakyBryant
  • Our education system gives students the opportunity of safety

    China is known to have an international educational curriculum. Thus in the united states, we practice individualism, where students are eligible to take classes on their own rather than being force to take it as a source of internationalism. China students are superior because they don't receive second chances or help program like d.a.r.e. In other words, if students tend to mess up, they are in great trouble. So the advantages or being educated in the united states overlook the country scale test.

  • China has inferior standards.

    The Chinese educational system is based on inculcation and rote learning for tests which determine the child's path to higher education. Good grades on the middle school exit exam lead to a good high school and so on into doctorate level institutions. That's like an American school making students study for four years for the SAT and nothing else. No real subjects like Science or Literature are taught with any depth, only what's required to test well. The spirit of learning is dead in such institutions, as Einstein said. Look at professionals from China and other Asian countries and you'll see subpar performance as a result of this bastardization of western education.

  • China's system is making students work harder.

    The US system, while giving much space and choice for students is not making them work hard enough. When they give homework, it lasts most students up till 6 o'clock. And then they have nothing more to do. Which means watching meaningless TV shows. Had the homework amount increase. Students would spend more time learning.

  • I do not believe that the U.S. education is superior to China because the U.S. education system is failing our students.

    The U.S. education system is inferior to China's because we are letting our children pass when they haven't learned the material. We are to lenient in our schools in the U.S.

    Posted by: SauBauer
  • I chose the side of the Chinese education system.

    More disciplined system, seems to bare better results. The United States system seems to be to lackadaisical and lacking motivation from both students and teachers. I think a more difficult and disciplined system is essential for a solid education. I believe that a strong structure and a lot of discipline is needed now more than ever because of all of the distractions that today's students have, including gadgets, internet, TVs, video games, etc...Need more discipline!!

    Posted by: 54bIinkFra2i
  • With the emphasis on testing only that has now pervaded our educational system, it might just become one of the most ineffective in the world.

    Since the passage of No Child Left Behind and the consequences that are placed on schools if their students don't pass the tests as determined by the law, our educational system has put sole emphasis on teaching to the test. This is not a way to build a generation who love learning, who can think critically and become expert problem solvers in our modern world. I think most developed countries and others like China who stress education are passing the United States by. We will have a population who only knows the answers to the 40 questions on the test and not much else.

    Posted by: 54IInferno
  • The United States educational system is too erratically applied to compete with international educational programs.

    The United States educational system, particularly the public education system, is inconsistent in its application. Public schools in urban areas are barely able to keep students safe, let alone teach them to read. The United States must make a concerted effort to improve its educational system, or it will continue to fall behind international educational programs. The Chinese system places a far greater emphasis upon educating students for future success and is superior to that of the United States.

    Posted by: N3r0nKrooI
  • The U.S. education system is not superior to China's education system because it does not provide enough incentives to students to study mathematics and science and higher levels.

    The U.S. education system (school and high school) is extremely liberal. American students decide to put only small efforts in studying science and mathematics and consequently the system is not helping to create tomorrow's scientist. In China. both science and math are fundamental parts of its education systems. Education is based on mandatory requirements for all students in order for them to know where they real capabilities are. The Chinese system is good to identify people's strengths. As you see, that is why U.S. colleges are very interested in accepting Chinese students.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • America's public school system is turning out an alarming rate of sub-par students.

    My evidence for this is working in a job that deals with high school students as employees and customers. Everyday I am baffled at some of the questions I hear. For example, someone was talking about running half of a marathon in the coming weeks. One of the "kids" asked how far that was and the reply was 13.1 miles. When the man left, about 5 recently graduated teenagers came over and asked me how long a full marathon was. I couldn't believe it! These "kids" all carry high school diplomas, the same as mine, and they can't do a simple math equation of 13.1 plus 13.1 or 13.1 times 2. Sadly, these kinds of questions are a daily thing and every time I can't believe they have high school diplomas.

    Posted by: BrianDj
  • America's education system is a huge mess with many states messing up the entire country.

    With Texas making drastic changes to history books, promoting the teaching of creationism and omitting founding fathers the education system is in a horrible place. Since Texas has a huge industry for school textbooks, this is quite troubling. This is not far off from China censoring information about the atrocities it has committed.

    Posted by: 4uncLife
  • Technically they don't.

    It has been proven by testing scores that China leads the world with their education system. Their Teachers are more respected, most students have a harder work ethic, and, unlike in the U.S., the Chinese do not separate the higher achieving students from the lower achieving students by tracking levels. (Taken from the University of Michigan article: Comparing U.S. and Chinese) Though the U.S. may seem to allow more creative, the actual scores of the Chinese are way above those of any other country.

  • Chinese students are far more better than American students.

    I do not need to say more about PISA scores. The purpose of education is to prepare a good citizen in the future. In America, the school gives students the freedom. However, in the long term, it is irresponsibility to the students. Schools should give more pressure on students and compare them internationally.

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Quan says2013-06-06T16:54:42.287
The Chinese have consistently failed to live up to all of their supposed potential. They have high test scores but low ability. This is not something we should strive to copy in the American education system.