• Its rigged from the start

    The basis of control and purpose its rigged. Does every vote count ? Sometimes yes and sometimes No. Can a person actually know beforehand if there vote is going to matter? No not until after someone receives 270 electoral points will they actually know if there vote made a difference to elect a president and even at that point who's vote was it ? Well when a person becomes president by the electoral college system its certain that the majority of peoples votes didn't decide who the president is congress decided the outcome. The people of this country are forced to be at an unfair disadvantage to congress at times. The vote is supposed to be by the people for the people yet the electoral college at least four times in history decided who are president will be which is controlled by the congress not the people. To sum it up as the republican party put it when the electoral college was created we cant have a bunch of jackasses ruling this country in case you don't get it they were referring to the people. The electoral college doesn't apply to the Senate and house votes just the presidency. If one vote was always one vote then yes it would be fair without the unfair manipulation of congress to control when a vote counts or not based on delegates something else the people do not control. In essence there saying come vote for a president yet at times they are going to control the outcome despite your vote. Its rigged in the sense of its a unfair contest at times not a equal playing field.

  • It is rigged!

    You can't go and tell me this is not a rigged system I mean look at it why not let every state just have their people vote. I mean if we want to talk about it being fair either way one state is going to get more votes than another so what does it matter about the different amounts of electoral votes.

  • No, it isn't

    The electoral college is not rigged, it works the way it is supposed to. This does not mean, however, that it is the best way to represent the will of the people. In all honesty, the electoral college should be done away with and presidential elections should be put up to a popular vote.

  • Unfair, But Not Rigged

    The United States Electoral College is not rigged in that the outcome isn't decided by some shady back door dealings. The system is completely outdated and unfair, but it isn't rigged. If it were, I doubt we would have had two presidents that were so different from each other like Bush and Obama one right after the other.

  • No evidence

    If the U.S. electoral college were rigged, we wouldn't have such an almost even amount of democrat / republican control of the White House. It goes back and forth, so if it was rigged, who would it be rigged by? Besides, it is a fair system, outdated possibly, but it works. Our electors elect the nominee that gets the most popular vote in their distract and / or state. It is a safe, equitable system that has worked since it started, so why doubt it now?

  • No the the electoral college is not rigged.

    Using the definition of the word rigged, the electoral college is not rigged. It is on the other hand slanted in a way that it gives a small amount of people the ability to control the overall destiny of the United States. The truth is that the electoral college was designed to give all states a fair chance of electing a president. I would say that it might be better to move away from the electoral college and to one that requires candidates to campaign across the country instead just in battleground states.

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