• we have been

    I don't think the financial crisis has truly gotten much better, and we have been experiencing one for a while. There are still several, if not almost all, products that are inflated. We have just gotten used to the prices because we have been in a financial crisis for quite some time.

  • The crisis is for the average American

    While the US markets may look a little better, this does not reflect the state of the economy in the country as a whole. The fact is the corporations are just collecting the money and sitting on it, paying their top executives and shareholders and stifling economic growth by failing to distribute that money back into the economy. They are not creating jobs or raising wages, so the average American family is stuck in the same position they have been since the beginning of the crash - trying to survive in a world where inflation is running rampant while their employer refuses to pay a living wage.

  • Not At The Moment

    I do believe in the future we will see another bubble burst or the stock market crash or what have you. As of today, I don't believe the US is experiencing a financial crisis. There are a lot of problems with the economy and if they aren't corrected through change then they will change on their own. The day is coming, it's just not now.

  • The U.S. is not experiencing a financial crisis after strong unemployment and housing reports

    The U.S. is not experiencing a financial crisis. The employment reports are stronger than they have been in years, we are still dealing with historically low interest rates, and the housing market is extremely strong. All signs point to a strong economy that will continue to grow and expand. There are no signs of a financial crisis at this time.

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