• Yes, the U.S. is facing flu-maggedon.

    It's starting in the United States and will move on to the rest of the world. The most important thing to know is that vaccinations are bad! There has been much research done on the plagues of past generations with strong evidence suggesting it was the vaccinations themselves that spread the disease. My family has not received the flu shot in five years. We have not gotten the flu ONCE! We live in the middle of Wisconsin and see harsh winters every year.

  • No, flu-maggedon is not here yet.

    Although the flu is early this year and very serious, I do not think it is yet pandemic. Many persons are sick but it may just be peaking earlier than usual. A number of person have been vaccinated so that should help the situation somewhat. People need to take precautions and maybe the disease will run its course.

  • No

    I would say no at least not at this present time its normal to have natural flu outbreaks every now and then and its very rare do we see it reaching Pandemic levels as was said of the Spanish Flu in 1919. I think it has alot to do with the hype put out by the media.

  • Not yet, but we could.

    Since so many people refuse to get the perfectly safe vaccine, we could face an epidemic soon. Many more people are getting the flu than in years past, despite the vaccine being a good match for three of the four strains we're seeing this year. If the vaccine is a good match, and we're still seeing this many cases, it's because people are refusing the shot.

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