• Yes, given the current political climate in DC the Farm Bill is the best that could be passed.

    The Farm Bill as passed by the Congress is a good bill. It eliminates a $5 billion-a-year crop subsidy that was paid to farmers whether they grew crops or not. It requires that beef, lamb and poultry producers to put the country of origin on all meat packaging. The bill is projected to cut $17 billion from the budget over a decade. Good not great, but the best possible given the current state of Congress.

  • Yes, the U.S. Farm Bill is good.

    The U.S. Farm Bill is designed to help and support farmers. As a country, we need to embrace our farmers. Many people do not realize how reliant we are on farmers, crops, and farmland. Virtually everything we have and everything we eat originates from a farm. I think anything that encourages farmers and their farmland is a good thing.

  • The U.S. Farm Bill is good.

    The U.S. Farm Bill is a good idea. The nation needs a comprehensive reform of agricultural laws and standards. This new law will allow the United States to remain a world power in the production of staple foods, not only able to support our own citizens, but also to be the bread basket of the world.

  • No, the U.S. Farm bill is costly and not effective.

    The U.S. Farm bill is too costly and it is rife with fraud and distribution problems. Anything that relies on too much bureaucracy ends up being inefficient. The U.S. Farm Bill had some good, well meaning points to help farmers out but the way it is being handled by bureaucrats is not helping those in need at all. Some farmers are not compensated as equally as they should, while others get more etc. Some become dependent on the subsidies they get. Some commit fraud, and some get lost in the system. This is because it is not being implemented properly.

  • It is the food stamp bill.

    No, the U.S. Farm Bill is not good, because it is more or less just a bill that authorizes a lot of handouts to the poor in the form of food stamps. If it is not doing that, it is authorizing large subsidies to farmers. But it is called a farm bill, which sounds nice so that people cannot object to it.

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