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  The US government is not corrupt in the sense that they have not lost their purpose. The United States is the least corrupt government. However, they are out for their parties interests and not the interests of lobbyists. They are concerned about the American people. That is not corruption to me.
Anonymous says2013-04-17T18:37:25.140
How do you figure that the us goverment is not corrupt if the founding fathers were here today they would burn the declartion of independance because it is now in vallid we have no more bill of rights, and they are not concerned with the american people the only reason we are in the war is because they have oil. Our govermnent is always careing about the lobbyists who ever pays the most during the election will get the most help from the government
Anonymous says2013-04-22T14:30:10.400
How can u say the U.S is the least corupted then say it isn't, even if it is the least corupted(which I think it isn't) doesn't deter from the fact that it is corupted..(least corupted or not)
Anonymous says2013-05-19T21:47:01.233
US is all about money and most significantly on capital hill. Politicians are indentured servants to those interest groups that fund their campaigns. It is the most powerful and also most corrupt.
Lordgrae says2013-07-25T16:39:43.597
Singapore is much less corrupt. They are a dictatorship, but not corrupt.
Anonymous says2013-08-23T05:59:14.047
Wake up
Anonymous says2013-09-12T18:23:43.843
Your a fool your rights are being taken away everyday and you dont see it you continue to watch CNN and listen to what they tell you
exconoz says2014-01-07T14:17:50.850
Sheeples like this are the Real Problem with America !!
nkoenig says2015-03-20T03:11:28.110
How do you think politicians get all that money for their campaigns? Interest groups bribe politicians with large dollar figures in order to get their voice heard. Politicians are going to tell the people whatever they want to hear during campaigning but when it comes down to voting within the state and federal legislatures, it's the voice of the interest groups that is heard, not the people. If you had an origination such as the NRA backing you with big checks to vouch for their side, would you turn it down? Why would you bite the hand that feeds you? Americans do whatever they can to get their hands on money. This idea applies directly to politicians. If you think back door deals and bribery are nonexistent, then you must widen your gaze on the qualities of human nature. Throughout history corruption has taken place. In the story of Judas and how he betrayed Jesus and turned him over to the Roman Army, Judas had betrayed Jesus for money. Corruption is more common in government than it is displayed in media. I wonder why? Possibly because every source of media: NPR, CNN, Fox News, are all interest groups paying politicians. Would they throw themselves and the politicians that are supporting hem under the bus? Absolutely not. Don't be blind to the actualities of the world. Not everything displayed is the truth and sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to find out fact from fiction.
Franklai says2015-07-23T00:56:22.417
Not for the lobbyists? So funny I forgot to laugh
jwolf says2015-11-01T06:09:50.497
I agree you are a foolish person, probably one of these wealthy people that contribute to these corrupt Politian's, OPEN" your eyes they have shredded the Constitution to suit their agendas not the well being of "WE THE PEOPLE' get your head out of your Butt'''''''
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