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Is it not obvious?

  Could it be the fact that the government has already passed a bill such as the NDAA? I think yes, the NDAA stands for the National Defense Authorization Act and gives the government complete control and authority over the US population and anyone else they see as a threat. They have the right to detain, with use of torture and with no obligation to tell your family that they actually have you. Yes, this means they can take you against your will and it will be as if you disappeared. Second to that, I find it funny that they are in the process of taking our god given and constitutional right to own and carry a firearm. The second amendment was put in the constitution for the sole purpose of protecting ourselves, our family, and our fellow countrymen from a tyrannical government. Some people claim that the amendment was implemented for the purpose of hunting so that we could provide for our families, however, this is not the sole use of the amendment - think about it, revolutionary war, the constitution, people rising up and standing for what they actually believed and not what they were being spoon fed.. that's 1776. If you combined that with the fact that the government has now started to buy up as much ammunition as possible, over 1.6 billion rounds; it seems that the picture really starts to come together. All you need to add is the fact that they just spent 2 million dollars on paper targets that resemble pregnant woman, children, and old people. Recently our beloved government has started to buy and fly drones over every major US city. It seems to me that the government is trying to disarm us while they arm themselves.. am I the only one that sees this? I think not. So what is going on people? I have noticed a great awakening in this country. I just hope its not to late. We have a president that hangs out with a satanic Jay-Z and even has him in some of his campaign ads. What does this tell you? I know what it tells me... our president, if truly for the people, would not socialize on personal level or have personal parties in the white house with someone who's philosophy and career in life is completely wrapped up in disrespecting woman, preaching self righteousness, making satanic songs and videos, or who's label by certainty is the exact representation of the Illuminati or Lucifarien symbol. People think that the news and everything that is told to them on a day to day basis is fact. This isn't true, the media is just a tool that they use against us. Do me and everyone you care about a favor. Think for yourself. If skeptical, research and educate. The things that are happening in this country right now are the same things that happened when dictators like Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini were in power. Its time to change history.
Anonymous says2013-04-17T02:51:32.370
Please keep my president out of this, as his relationship with Jay-Z does not prove your point.
Anonymous says2013-05-23T01:32:59.397
Very True I enjoy your post and just stumbled upon this. I agree completely and feel like something needs to be done. People who disagree with the obvious logistics that our government and agree with the egotistical and very prideful greed of the government and congress along with the white-house this new president and such things either think the same way and agree with the corruption, or don't care and or don't know what is going on. I also think there is a great fear that the government instills with these things unknown. So many things that could be discussed that people don't see and it's sad. It's scary but I don't see a reason to actually fear. Something needs to be done for sure though. I feel bad for Mr. Anonymous above me. Either he does not know or supports Obama obviously. Nothing against the man just his actions... Things need to change, and soon. Or there will be a great change and everyone who thought this government is so great is going to think oh Sh*t I should've listened to these "conspirators". I honestly wish I am not right, but I know that I and thinkers alike are right. Look at history and the signs they match and so very similarly, Obama=Hitler. Hitler's Youth=Obama's Youth, Coincidence? Coincidence that Obama didn't keep his promises, Coincidence Obama stated the gun repeal in front of children like who? Oh yes Like Hitler did. I think not. Look people for signs... Illuminati? Indeed. They're at it again and continually. I can't find the way to explain this to people. It's like the taste of salt what does it taste like? Tell me. Oh you can't because it's salty... Hmmm interesting... I thought you knew what it tasted like. The Illuminati can't quite be described but they are very real, its up to you what you believe, and to your betterment or downfall your choice. I can't tell you and prove to you I just know it and the logical things are there just look for them. And remember... The truth is stranger than fiction. :)
Anonymous says2013-06-07T17:24:33.330
Bush and Obama are puppets for the same cause
Anonymous says2013-06-10T13:34:54.293
Im happy to see people speaking out against a corrupt government instead of giving into fear of it. Just remember the people have more power then the government . The government answers to the people, not the other way around. I thank and encourage all you truth seekers and pity those who roll over and look the other way out of fear.
Justinmooretx says2014-05-16T15:40:11.667
Using a photo of our president with Jay-Z to attract the youth vote has nothing to do with the continuous violations of our rights. That comment really discounted your argument.
cyrtsal22 says2015-08-21T14:27:29.453
Did you actually read the ACT, the whole 1,000 pages. Just wondering
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