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  Corrupt? Please. America Is doing fine for the most part, and if you can get a decent education then job will be easy to find. Think about all the other countries in the world and America: we don't have forced military service, and if you're doing nothing wrong then you should be fine. Yes, there is police brutality at times in rare cases, but for the most part there is no corruption or scandalizing.
Anonymous says2013-08-28T20:45:40.013
The people at the top with all their power and money don't care about the people at the bottom of the pyramid, thats corrupt we're supposed to be equals, family. But yeah could be worse huh?
Anonymous says2013-09-05T13:26:28.700
You are clearly 100% uneducated. Get your face out of your television, and do some INDEPENDANT research. Seriously, I'm not trolling this post. Do some research.
Anonymous says2013-09-15T08:34:24.840
Loser, liar and murderer
Anonymous says2013-09-20T17:51:34.747
Are you out of your mind? The only 2 reasons you would say that the government is not corrupt are 1) You are getting wealthy from the corruption, or 2) You have brain damage!
xprsv says2013-11-26T07:29:44.217
Only someone who can't spell the word "DEFINITELY" correctly would believe their education is suffice and that the American Government is not corrupt. SHAKING MY HEAD AT YOU MATE.
Nooch9607 says2016-01-10T04:46:07.917
Okay honestly, you just made me vomit. Our country is doing fine you say. Is the big fact that we are trillions of dollars in debt just some sort of myth to you. You sir are clearly uneducated in this field. And really, what is the government not telling us. Keep in mind how many "secret mission" have been released to the public throughout the years. How can you believe that they are not doing something their not telling us! Where do you think all of that money goes to. Not just supplies I can tell you that for sure! Oh and you must be an Obama supporter! Really " if you can get a decent education then job will be easy to find." Number one your English is terrible. And way to point out the most obvious thing in the world. We all know that getting a decent education can land you a good job. But its getting that education that is a huge problem. And hello...Not everyone who goes to college and gets a great education can manage to get a great job. How many jobs do you think are out there. Thousands of people are living on the streets with a decent education and guess what...Their still homeless!
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