• Is it not obvious?

    Could it be the fact that the government has already passed a bill such as the NDAA? I think yes, the NDAA stands for the National Defense Authorization Act and gives the government complete control and authority over the US population and anyone else they see as a threat. They have the right to detain, with use of torture and with no obligation to tell your family that they actually have you. Yes, this means they can take you against your will and it will be as if you disappeared. Second to that, I find it funny that they are in the process of taking our god given and constitutional right to own and carry a firearm. The second amendment was put in the constitution for the sole purpose of protecting ourselves, our family, and our fellow countrymen from a tyrannical government. Some people claim that the amendment was implemented for the purpose of hunting so that we could provide for our families, however, this is not the sole use of the amendment - think about it, revolutionary war, the constitution, people rising up and standing for what they actually believed and not what they were being spoon fed.. that's 1776. If you combined that with the fact that the government has now started to buy up as much ammunition as possible, over 1.6 billion rounds; it seems that the picture really starts to come together. All you need to add is the fact that they just spent 2 million dollars on paper targets that resemble pregnant woman, children, and old people. Recently our beloved government has started to buy and fly drones over every major US city. It seems to me that the government is trying to disarm us while they arm themselves.. am I the only one that sees this? I think not.
    So what is going on people? I have noticed a great awakening in this country. I just hope its not to late. We have a president that hangs out with a satanic Jay-Z and even has him in some of his campaign ads. What does this tell you? I know what it tells me... our president, if truly for the people, would not socialize on personal level or have personal parties in the white house with someone who's philosophy and career in life is completely wrapped up in disrespecting woman, preaching self righteousness, making satanic songs and videos, or who's label by certainty is the exact representation of the Illuminati or Lucifarien symbol.
    People think that the news and everything that is told to them on a day to day basis is fact. This isn't true, the media is just a tool that they use against us. Do me and everyone you care about a favor. Think for yourself. If skeptical, research and educate. The things that are happening in this country right now are the same things that happened when dictators like Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini were in power. Its time to change history.

  • The government is very corrupt.

    The Government hides things like this all the time. The North Korea situation. It's basically the boy who cried Nuclear War. They've had a cure for cancer since WWII... Watch Obama get cancer, and then it magically get cured. I for one would rather live in a ditch. The government officials have gotten everything their WHOLE lives. People say that they worked for it. But Obama was born in AFRICA then taken to Hawaii... He is technically not even a citizen. Yet, he is still one of the most corrupt presidents we've ever had. I'd love to get back to the times when JFK was president. You know just go back to a simpler time.

  • No longer represent "We the People

    I believe our government from local, state and throughout the federal, has lost touch with the citizens of this country. We are taxed too much, governed too much, and cater to too many foreign needs versus our own. Our families have broken down, our streets are rampant with crime and drugs, and our cities, towns, and infrastructures are decaying.
    I believe it could be turned around, but not until, we clean house at all levels of government.

  • Corporate Lobbying Should Have No Place In Government

    They give the power that should belong to the people, to corporate giants. They allow things like the Monsanto bill to pass because they have to keep their funding for the next election at the risk of the American people's safety. Also, lets not forget about the shady C.I.A. Protecting the corporations' financial interests through the suppression of revolutionary minds. It honestly makes me sick.

  • time for real change

    The entire government exist only for the purpose of protecting the american people not for the things it does now. If we continue on the path we are on now we will likely be the first country to fall because of loser leadership and corrupt politicians who are only looking out for there own good.

  • The U.S. Government is more crooked than ever!!

    There is more corruption in U.S. government than ever in the history of the world. The politicians are being bought by the greedy corrupt corporations and it is destroying our country. Obama has been on more vacations during his term than all presidents in history. They stay at posh resorts that cost over $10,000 a night per room. Now add almost 1200 hours of golf Obama has been playing as well. Some or all of congress is known for not paying there bills, defaulting on credit cards, hiring contractors to do repairs at their house and then refuse to pay that contractor or write them a check, that bounces. There are countless stories of this all over the internet. Not to mention fabricating evidence to start wars. I am nearly 50 years old and can't believe how far our country has fallen. Having over 55 million people on welfare is also bringing this country to our knees. That figure is almost twice what it was before Obama took office. All of the politicians, do whatever they want, with no consequences, and then send us the bill. Multiple politicians, cops, judges, etc...Are busted almost every day with drugs, drinking on the job, DWI's, some are even accused of child molesting and yet not one of them are in jail or at least in some kind of trouble. There is incredible waste and corruption at every level of our government. It is disgusting and all of these people should be held accountable at once! The U.S. is almost ready to fall off a cliff. I think most if not all elections are fixed or at least influenced. Our crooked government sets up false flag attacks to cram more unconstitutional laws down our throats while they ensure programs and practices that promote that are kept in force!! All this and we have to pay for it on top of it. Every dollar we make has interest attached to it by the very crooked Federal Reserve, and that is killing us too. Unless we all ban together and take all these crooked people down we are all doomed. I hope that we can survive this gigantic train wreck our government has created.

  • We can fix our corrupt government with one, just one, new law.

    One term limits for all elected officials. This is one sure way to end the corruption. Elect people to do what they believe in and have no reason to cater to political third party interest that do nothing but harm the American people. Change this law, and the entire system fixes itself.

  • Are you serious? You need an explanation?

    Sigh, I don't even want to waste my time getting into everything. NSA, WAR, Health care, 9/11 , possibly sandy hook, etc. Everything is a lie. They want the people living off the government, it works out in their favor actually. Way to much to explain here. Just take my 50 words and my vote and keep moving on like the sheep we are. People are too lazy to actually do anything about it. At least for now. Thanks for reading my opinion.

  • Paid for congress and senate by massive special interest groups

    The major corporations brag about how mock they have given to the majority of our elected officials. PACS control how they vote, people of our country do not get involved because why should they when the big money has already told them how to vote. We as a nation have more people starving, out of work, our infra-structure is falling apart in front of us. Bridges, dams, roads, railroad tracks, electrical distribution lines are out of date by 30+ years, schools are not aloud to teach viable methods of math, and science. News casters only report what their CEO's who are bought and paid for tell them to. Needless to say this great nation is on the verge of financial ruin, moral decay, and self destructive attitudes and its not my place to say or do anything because we can't vote for who we want to because the election process has been changed to suit the party's rather then the people, Certain ethnic groups are being told that they aren't citizens nor are they Americans. We as a country have destroyed the real Americans (Indians) to a point they by numbers are ineffectual. I has a 74 year old retired navy Seabee have seen this country become a cesspool of PACS, and CEEOS getting what they want and the everyday American isn't aloud to have a voice anymore.

  • America the "exceptional"? The most hated country in the world

    Not too surprising that a country stolen from its native people and founded on slavery is corrupt and evil.
    The us us government is an evil warmongering institution founded on deceit and treachery. For example: the us government intentionally had the cruise ship lusitania sail into enemy territory knowing fully well she and her crew would be bombed by the germans. Why? For a certain 1% of evil americans who make huge profits of off war. Thats right the us government intentionally had the lusitania bombed so the us can be involved in world war 1. The us has planted false flags in every war it has been involved in.
    Al Qaida and isis are mercenaries paid by the us government.
    Our government is corrupt and broken. Labeling us citizens as terrorists and turning the so called "land of the free" into a police state. No freedom of speech, humiliating pat downs by tsa. Nazism comes to mind when you look at the Gestapo, oops..I mean us police force. Unless there the is a huge change, we us citizens are screwed.

  • Very little corruption.

    Many people obviously would agree that the United States political system is corrupt, they only want money, they don't care about what we want. When you compare the U.S. government to the governments of other countries we are one of the least corrupted nations. The 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index shows that out of every country, only 17 are less corrupt than us. Over two thirds of 176 countries and territories in last years index fall below the midpoint of the scale (0 very corrupt - 100 very clean) the U.S. scoring a 76. The global average score is a paltry 43.
    Http://www.Transparency.Org/news/feature/corruption_perceptions_index_2016 So is there some corruption in the U.S. political system? Yes there is, there isn't a single country or territory that is completely 100% clean. Are we the most corrupt? Not even close. There are many nations across the globe that are far more corrupt than us.

  • Fuck nooo america is great

    Americaaaa land of the great!!! Wooot trump for president! America is way better than ching, chong, ling, ping, rice smoke breathing china!!1!1!! Guys america is radical dudes!!!!!1!!1! Don't listen to these uneducated people lmao they are stupid americaaaaaa americaaaaa yassssss go america white lives matter!!!! #whitepride bitches. America is not corrupt!!!

  • Lies don't make truths

    All the affirmative is stating is wild accusations with no evidence to support it. On this alone I could win this debate, but for the sake of arguing I shall go on. The fact that you think our government is corrupt is absurd we the people elect officials, so if these officials are corrupt its the peoples fault for not digging deep enough into the officials records and documents. The uninformed voter is what brings corruption into office. Also why would our own government want to kill us? We the people make this country run and forcing us into slave labor would only cause an civil war. Which would tear this country to pieces.

  • Govt. Not corrupt!!!!!!!Arghhh..

    Our govt. Is not corrupt unless passing laws and not enforcing them is corrupt. Not unless reading and snooping through private e-mails and transactions constitutes probable cause. Not unless allowing senators to continue failing to pay taxes they owe and failing to report overseas accounts and property. And finally being able to conspire to lie to the public over public airwaves and pass laws as a result of said lies and deceit. And finally to abuse it's power to single out individuals that public officials want to persecute for their own personal and agenda gain. Our government is not corrupt because it is above the law. They break the law and call it just us, we break the law and they call it justice.

  • Corrupt American Government

    Ust take a look at the Vietnam War. Our government wiped out a generation of young American boys. What a shame. It seems to me that our government started to become corrupt around that time. The crooked politicians killed so many young American boys in that war. So sad. Yet we give billions of dollars to foreign countries, makes no sense to me. America's government so corrupt, we can't even take care of our own troops who fight for peace and freedom

  • Not corrupt at all...

    People are saying that the new NDAA law is bad. They are only detaining us if they see us as a NATIONAL threat. Also, get over the second amendment. If was written over 200 years ago, when people didn't MURDER other citizens. The government is really not corrupt at all. H

  • U.S.A.- The Utopian States of America

    Economic freedom is an essential requisite for political freedom, so as to elaborate on what the term “as constitutionally free” this means that U.S. citizens are most undoubtedly set free by the constitution and the only matter that can physically oppressive them, is themselves. A government on which its its core values are arisen on the basis of freedom renders it impossible for one government to be so contradictory as to blatantly go against their own principles in order to benefit itself. Going against you own values i moral and illogical, it is a self destructive practice and by doing this any country in the world would be most undoubtedly destroyed. In case many haven't noticed, America is still a prosperous nation. Therefore Americas government is not oppressive, because America is still functional. Most people do not understand that the United States government is doing a better job than most other governments. Think about how hard it is to protect over 300 million people! The US provides one of the best (if not THE best) private sector for businesses. Some countries don't offer protection for businesses and the government or other powerful people can come in and take over their business. Would you open a business if the government could just come in and take it from you whenever? Probably not. A government should protect the people, provide a strong private sector for business, and ensure the peace, etc etc. Right now the government is doing what they should.They have classified information because the general public does not understand just how complex a government must be to do their job. They must do some questionable things to ensure their overall goal is on track. The U.S government, has a huge job. They do much better than so many other governments.We have freedoms and rights. If you obey the rules that come with having these rights, you will have a full life. You shouldn't complain about what you have, just look at what we don't have and how much worse it could be. The government has plans for us to thrive, survive and prosper, as one and not to harm us in anyway.

  • We are not corrupt

    The U.S government, has a huge job. They do much better than so many other governments.We have freedoms and rights. If you obey the rules that come with having these rights, you will have a full life. You shouldn't complain about what you have, just look at what we don't have and how much worse it could be. The government has plans for us to thrive, survive and prosper, as one and not to harm us in anyway.

  • We aren't corrupt folks. Many of you don't know what it even MEANS!

    Political corruption is the abuse of power for ILLEGITIMATE private gain. It has nothing to do with "not representing" or "being a bad guy" anything like that. "Corruption" has become an obscured term, with no real meaning nowadays, it's just used to describe anyone (or entity) of power that someone doesn't like. "Hey, that mayor has a terrible set of beliefs! He's corrupt!"

    I will say that we do have corruption. But not much. It is simply inevitable, no governmental power can prevent it entirely. Many forms of corruption are illegal in the United States, including embezzlement, bribery and (well, it may not be restricted to politics) extortion. Yes, lobbying is somewhat of a problem, but it cannot be as bad as people say. After all, the Bush Tax Cuts for higher income Americans were dismantled.


    Transparency International gave us a score of 73, making us the 19th "cleanest" nation in the world (that was documented). We tied with Uruguay. This isn't a percentage, it's just a score.


    Be happy that we live in a decently clean government. Many Americans have never seen true corruption. Perhaps schedule a vacation to Vietnam?

  • Compared to Other Countries, the USA is NOT Corrupt.

    The United States of America looks like a "walk-in-the-park" compared to REAL corrupt countries, such as Venezuela or North Korea, or even India. The government in Venezuela has admitted to done looting more than once in more than one store and causing the "Caracazo of 1989", which caused more than thousands of deaths and treachery all over the country. The US government allows proper public schools with decent education. In Venezuela, the government commands the educational system what to teach their kids, which most of the information is wrong. Taxes in the USA cannot even be COMPARED to those in Venezuela, since taxes in Venezuela are beyond what one could imagine. Petroleum in the USA costs a lot, I admit it, but the money goes to good causes such as repairing damaged streets or the health service. In Venezuela, gas costs ONLY 2 Bolivares Fuertes. Gas is cheaper than WATER, for God's sake. And you want to know how long they took to fix a damaged pavement street? Two years. I just wanted to let you all know. And DON'T get me started with North Korea!

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Anonymous says2013-06-21T21:19:36.930
Saying the government is corrupt would be historically accurate. There is actual documentation of this like the indian wars where presidents themselves ordered their lands to be taken or the mexican wars that we started to take the south-west. Much more greed is alsi cleverly concealed in the background which i wont go into detail about. One of my least favorites is the attempt to wipe out entire ethinic groups by taking indian children from their parents and forcing them into boarding schools, never to see their parents untill they are grown.
Debbie21 says2014-05-01T16:47:23.317
I wish someone would DO something about this corruption. I have had people tell me (people I don't even know) that I am a target. I was fired from my job for no "good" reason. I was in jail twice; under the guise of being "employed" there while I was bullied and berated. I have hence been trying to meet people, but everywhere I go there are government reps who get in the way of my meeting any "normal" people. I am seeking friends.
Truthseeka says2014-07-27T00:28:32.133
The elites must be held to account as should both sides of politics. Nothing will change even after a global economic collapse because they control the technology, satellites, drones, missiles, biological agents, food supply, etc. If we can destroy their means of control, we may have a chance, but they control so much more than you know. If you live near the usa, im afraid you are surrounded and will perish as is their plan to fulfill prophecy. The elites care not what happen to anybody, only their ambitions to control you and suppress your ideals of peace and love and free thought. The end result no matter how I analyze it leads to a very grim end and internal warfare where they watch us turn on each other for survival and religious beliefs indoctrinated. Doesn't help that human history is fabricated and what is fact is seen as insane. Mankinds true first step is evolving to a type 1 civilization. And we are not looking to be gaining any ground as of yet.

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