Is the U.S. government the greatest enemy of the Constitution?

  • US Government not holding up Constitutional norms

    With the recent spying scandal from the NSA and attitudes that are trying to put religion into societal structures, the US government is not doing a great job of holding up Constitutional beliefs. The US Constitution wanted limited government that was sensible and financially responsible. It seems every election we get further from these ideals.

  • The world is run by lizards

    Lizard people rule the world and lizard people run the illuminati and the US Government. The Holy Quran is proof of this, it talks about Jinn, Jinn are an unseen race who can possess humans and they work for the devil, the Devil is the ruler of the world and the Jewish Zionists Illuminati worship the Devil, Repent and believe in Allah (swt) alone as your only Lord and God today Alhumdolillah

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