• Many Secret Projects!

    The US government shouldn't be keeping secrets or planning evil schemes on innocent people. One example is that there once was a woman with thick skin, and when she was a child seemed to move a crayon she wanted without body contact. When in her thirties, her Father revealed that the FBI was carrying put an experiment on her mixing a alien with a human!

    Another point is that a woman was suddenly hated, and her electronics went off. People then spat on her, and she lost her job. People think that she was a guinea pig being mind controlled in a FBI Government experiment. Why do I think that? Simple. Because of world domination, turning ordinary people into fearless assassins. Do you want you want your best friend murdering a British General?

    Soon, with these secret projects, a nuke might be sent to Pakistan! Nuclear radiation might kill hundreds of innocent people! Do you want innocent people dying because of a couple of people?

  • Absolutely Not, People Don't Need to Know.

    People don't need to know what the government is doing. I think that people want the government to tell them everything, and then they hand off al of the big decisions to government officials. Telling people everything would cause a serious problem. People would think that they could do better, when really all people are are self'centered, ignorant, wastes of human space.

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