Is the U.S. government violating our rights by collecting our private phone calls and Internet history?

  • The U.S. government is collecting personal information through phone calls/messages and internet history.

    The United States government already have admitted that the NSA has been collecting private information from certain users. These information does not only come from phone call and internet histories but also come from electronic mails, messengers and lots more. Gmail was the first mail to provide a large space of 1 gigabyte, a huge amount compared to those website which have a memory space of 1, 2 or 10 megabytes. Later on, Yahoo mail also increased the memory space to 2.88 gigabytes.
    Have these email websites been increasing the information for the number of users? It has been found out that the US government collects information from such Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.
    Edward Snowden, a ex-NSA agent has admitted the US government were collecting all information not only from US citizens, but the Chinese and UK government. The United States has banned Snowden due to the acts he has done. Snowden currently fled to Russia, and is told to be providing certain important information of the US government to the Russian Government.
    If the U.S. Government has nothing to hide, why have they banned Snowden from the country? Why did they order certain electronic mail companies to lengthen their memory space?
    The U.S. government now claims that the use of the collection of data is used for the "safety of the US citizens". If so, why would they have not told us before?
    I now leave this question for you to answer...

  • The U.S. government is violating our rights by collecting our private phone calls and Internet history.

    According to the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution, the government is not allowed to search or seize private property without just cause. Clearly, the collection of private telephone and Internet records is a violation of this fundamental right. This is also a violation of Miranda rights, which demand that citizens be informed if they are being investigated for a crime.

  • There has to be a line somewhere

    The government should not be able to record any type of data they want from us. There needs to be a certain line where the government can not track our information. They should have to have a warrant or other reason to access our information and track everything we do. It seems like a violation of our privacy that the government is able to track any information they want about us.

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Alexandir says2013-06-11T10:12:06.850
Not really. Reason why is because lets say there is a threat being made against.. (you pick) and it affects a lot of people and so on, and they need intelligence on the matter then its cool for what they are doing, but as soon as they interfere with private social lives and so on, then they are violating your rights.

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