• America the restorer

    I believe that america is a very fair court system. I also believe very greatly that it functions greatly and that it is the best court system and you can find all of this online so you all should look up some stuff and then come back and look at your answer and feel bad.

  • America the destroyer.

    America hunts and destroys other peoples on the face of the earth. They make the law, twist the law of other nations to destroy their natural environment just so as the people of America may indulge in their complacent, carefree lives. Judges are in cahoots with the government and corporations.

  • No, it is arbitrary.

    No, the U.S. legal system is not fair, because there are too many people involved to produce just results. Even in the same jurisdiction, one judge might decide things totally different than another. People are human, and it makes sense that their personal bias would interfere with their ability to decide cases fairly.

  • US Legal System Skewed In Favor of the Rich

    Our current legal system functions, but only just, and only in favor of the very wealthy. We need equality in our justice. We need tort reform. We need legal defenders who aren't overworked to the point they can't do their jobs, and we need fewer moneyrakers who care nothing about blind justice and everything about the almighty dollar. We need more fairly appointed judges and no more bought 'elected' officials. As it stands now, whoever has the most stands to gain the most, and the poorest and most vulnerable among us don't stand a chance.

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