• I hate murica

    The us should get rid of their militairy becuz they will be destroid and that is gud becasse the us is literealluy the mas homosexual country en el mundo. PS I am MEXICAN and think that the us shud be nukd
    PPS VIVA LA France
    PPPS I hate France and DONALD RUMPKE

  • Unnecessary and oversized

    The USA over steps itself as an economic empire, Resulting in an oversized force. The only real way to downsize is to change foreign policy, Which would require other nations such as Germany, Australia, Canada, Belgium etc to expand their militaries. This would alleviate the need for a large military and give money back to the American people

  • Follow the money

    The U.S. spends more on the military than the next EIGHT countries combined ... And doesn't even offer universal healthcare to its citizens. The claim is that they need an enormous military to spread and support "Democracy", but they are, in point of fact, spreading authoritarianism through plutocratic and corporate dictatorship. Democracy is spread when it is the better idea on the grassroots level, not from the top down. The U.S. military budget is massively out of proportion with the Framer's intentions.

  • US military is completely excessive

    The US spends more on the military then the next ten top spender put together. And most of those top spenders are our allies. There is simply no reason not to cut the military. There are so many better things we could be spending this on! Education, healthcare, welfare, all those need more money. Spending this much on a largely useless military is inexcusable.

  • It is too largely invested in the wrong way

    Everybody can agree that the US military has stabilized many events throughout earth's history, and that it is important that the US continues to be a key player in world democracy. The US has accepted this role and more often than not is successful in doing it, however the current military defense expenditure is 100% unsustainable. The US has over 800 foreign bases across the globe, boasting a superior ability to dispatch its military. This is all well and good for being able to protect the nation's interests and security, however it is extremely undermining the US's goals for world peace. The fact that US military force is not even comparable by any other nation ruins the foundation of democracy. The larger the US government allows their military to grow, the bigger the threat they are creating. Figuratively speaking, the US is loading a rowing boat with a piece cargo, with each piece they add, they are gaining an ability to transport more, but loosing the safety of their vessel. The ocean (the world) is a very unpredictable place, and only takes one violent wave to loose it all.
    The main issue is that the US is seeming to prepare for an enemy that simple doesn't exists. The world's greatest threat today is terrorism, regardless of what part of the globe it comes from, and 7 new aircraft carriers will not remove that threat, they can only derail, delay and aggravate it.

  • The 2nd Amendment calls for local militias.

    The 2nd Amendment reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."The founding fathers never envisioned a large standing army, however they recognized the need for a large navy due to the importance of sea power. They believed a large standing army, one during peacetime, would lead to tyranny as was experienced under British rule. Simply stating it the Army is unconstitutional due to its size in numbers.

  • Everyone Who Walks Into A Recruiters Office Is Not Military Material

    Serving in the military is not for everyone, but nowadays, it seems that way. With military technology evolving, there is really no need for a force of 500,000+ ground troops. Like it or not, most of said troops are young men and women who are using the military as a backup plan as a way to pay for their higher education after serving their time. The problem here is that we have to pay for these ground troops that we will probably never even have a need for. There will never again be some Battle of the Bulge situation where whoever can amass the most troops wins. We live in an era where a single drone strike can take out hundreds of enemies or allies at once. America needs to focus more on putting the best troops out there, who joined the military for the right reasons, rather than anyone who shows up in a recruiters office. My point here, is that cutting our army's infantry size down could not only save us money, but help us improve the overall quality of our men and women on the frontlines. Long story short, it definitely matters who has the biggest stick, but it matters much more who is swinging it.

  • Yes, we are overextended.

    Yes, the U.S. military is too large, because it has gone beyond the original purpose of the U.S. military. The initial purpose of the U.S. military was to provide for the defense of the United States. It was never intended to be an engine to impose democracy around the world.

  • Overreached, and unnecessary.

    The cold war is over. Yet military spending has increased even more so. This doesn't make sense. Extremely expensive military equipment such as the F-35 and 11 aircraft carriers don't even help in meeting today's defense challenges, which is primarily extremism, and terrorism. The excuse of Iran and Korea to continue building large billion dollar conventional weapons is a joke. A single aircraft carrier battle group has enough power to keep either country in check. Military bases across the globe doesn't help our cause as well. Even though a military base benefits our ability to project power, it undermines the soft-power of the USA. Why? Because most people around the globe don't like foreign troops on their land, just like how we wouldn't tolerate foreign troops here in the USA. Having global military bases only broods negative sentiments from the citizens of other countries. On top of all of this, and most importantly, our military spending is just unsustainable. No country can sustain a strong military while its economy, infrastructure, and education system continue to deteriorate. In fact a strong economy equals a strong military, but the reverse doesn't work. Focusing on our economy first, will help the US become stronger.

  • Yes in a way

    Yes, the U.S military is in a way too large. Although having a large military means that it's good protection of the citizens but looking back in history; a large or significantly too large of a military has impacted in a negative way. It has it's benefits but in a economical perspective it is not a good path.

  • It Is Not Too Large

    The United States military is not too large. A military being too large is impossible in my opinion. You can never have enough people protecting our country. I think it is a good thing that the military is a large size. It shows that we have a lot of people willing to fight for this country.

  • The military is not really that big

    We need people to get involved again and help their country and not sit behind a desk or control panel. People should join if they want and be able to join the military. For people who want to serve for our country should because they and to help our country.

  • The military is not really that big

    We need people to get involved again and help their country and not sit behind a desk or control panel. People should join if they want and be able to join the military. For people who want to serve for our country should because they and to help our country.

  • It's necessary for the world

    The United States military is very powerful. It not only provides for the security of the United States but also the security of other nations. Without the US Military South Korea would fall to North Korea and many people would be killed. Kuwait would fall to its neighbors which would wreak havoc on the world economy. Taiwan would be forced in to China, and Japan would seek nuclear arms to have a deterrence against China. International trade routes would destabilizes without the US Navy to secure them. Our European allies would become vulnerabl without our forces since they rely on our military to supplement for their defense.

  • The game might be changing

    But our military should not. People often forget the benefits a large military brings. Our military may seem too large on the spending scale, but think about it; because we spend so much on our military, it basically safeguards our ridiculous spending habits. No nation can touch us because we spend so much money on our military. If trade or something stops with another nation, we have the ability to force it back open. Is this moral? No. Does it work? Yes.

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