• Two words- chemical weapons

    Ok, so Asad should be overthrown because he is using chemical weapons against his enemy. However, the u.S regime has been using chemical weapons for decades now. They probably dumped more chemical weapons on viet nam than any other country in the world. So it's quite funny to see the u.S regime pushing for the overthrow of Asad over this very reason

  • America is the biggest hypocrite ever.

    Guns. Death penalty. Weapons of mass destruction. Huge military. Meat. Still claims to be pro life. Here are some other noteable things: Counterfeit christianity: Fundalmentalism was founded in the US and still takes up 25% of the population. 'In God we trust' and 'under God' were both added to condemn those godless communists, and people today are told they were added by the founding fathers.
    So called 'Land of opportunity': The US has millions of homeless people and most Americans could care less.
    Most Americans want to prevent immigration for whatever reasons, I don't know. Probably because they're selfish. Australia has this problem also, unfortunately.
    Many Americans I've seen online have sickening double thinking and double standards. Anytime I critize or state any negative facts about their precious America, they are huge jerks, supposedly defending their beloved freedom of speech.

  • All the US's actions are for the goverments own profit.

    The US has been using multiple excuses to attack multiple muslim nations. For instance one of its excuses is that its actions are in the name of freedom. Really the US has been killing freedom fighters calling them terriosts. The real aim behind the US actions is to steal the resources located in the muslim countries and prevent the muslim countries from tring to unite and stop the US from taking what it wants.

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