Is the U.S. overreacting to the al Qaeda terror threat?

  • The U.S. Has Overreacted to the Al Qaeda Terror Threats

    Yes, the United States has overreacted to Al Qeadaa terror threats. Terrorism is meant to cause overreactions by individuals and governments and has led the United States to be more cautious than it may have otherwise been. The United States is often paralyzed by fear and we continue to make it a part of our culture and spend our precious money on it even when we know that all terrorism cannot be eliminated.

  • The U.S. is not overreacting to the al Qaeda terror threat.

    Al Qaeda is a dangerous organization that has tried and succeeded in the past to murder innocent Americans. This threat cannot be overestimated. Most Americans would rather be safe than sorry. More operations should be conducted to thwart future terrorist plans and to ensure that attacks like those on 911 never happen again.

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