• Yes, I think America is actually too free.

    First of all, you can carry guns which is illegal in most countries.
    Second, You can do the "Hiel Hitler" salute and wear Nazi stuff which illegal in almost all countries.
    Third, as a American citizen, you have many free options like free education.
    Finally, "For the people! By the people!" FREEDOM!!

  • Yes, it is

    I think America is still the land of opportunities because the United States has economy jobs that can sustain a family. Immigrants migrate to the United States to escape all the crime in their countries then they try getting jobs. That’s why America so still the land of opportunity is still the land of the free because they have economic jobs that other.

  • Land of Free

    Hey, to everyone with all the negative reviews, notice how the United States is the only country in the world that you can criticize anything
    or anyone (including the government) and still get away with it. And by the way, people saying the US is not free if African Americans did not have civil rights until the 1960s, look at all of Africa. People who want to change our Christian culture should just move to Canada, or somewhere non-Christian (gay marriage, abortion, etc.)

  • Yes, our citizens have a lot of freedoms.

    Yes, I believe that the US really is the "land of the free". A number of critics of this country will say that by not allowing certain people like illegal immigrants in this country, we are not truly the "land of the free", but these critics are misinterpreting what "land of the free" really means. The phrase refers to the fact that for American citizens, there are an abundance of freedoms and liberties we are entitled to, like the right to free speech and the right to arm and defend ourselves.

  • Yes It Is

    The United states of America is truly the land of the free. We have rights in our country that many others do not have. We have the freedom of choice when it comes to many things such as voicing your opinion, who you vote for, and even where you work.

  • Yes, America is still very free.

    The United States of America has been, is, and always will be the greatest country in the history of the world. Even now, in the new millennium, flocks and flocks of new immigrants are attempting to pour into the country, so much so that we have been forced to adopt rather strict immigration policies.

  • The only free country

    Living in the UK I can see how you are more free than we are over there in the USA.
    I can not own a gun here as they do not allow the public to do anything here, its repression.
    The USA is the true land of the free and I hope to come over (legally on a work visa) soon.
    You have your problems thats for sure (like healthcare and privatised prisons) but you do have alot of pro's compared to other western nations.

    Yes america is land of the free.

  • Land of Opportunity

    Most of the people in the United States originated from another country. Unless your ancestors were strict enough or picky enough to stick to one single race, then you came down from a line of immigrants. It may be the 21st century, but why should policies change by "eliminating" immigrants? That's deemed impossible, but the thought of deporting immigrants is inconsiderate and stupid. They may be here for a fresh start from a horrible life. They may not like their country. And also not to mention, some can't even go back home because they are trapped between the family they left behind and the family they created here! There are so many reasons why one would want to move. Yes they came here undocumented, but who knew what they were going through? It's not easy becoming a citizen in the US. And in all honesty I would've done the same thing to live a life as an American compared to the life of other countries. People are so hung up on 'the Mexicans crossing the borders' 'the immigrants taking our jobs'. Think deeper for at least two seconds and imagine a life like theirs. They may be wanting to get money to support their dying mother, and for pickles-sakes, get off your butts and go find a job! Yeah it may be hard, but life isn't easy people! So stop worrying about other people and start trying to improve your own lives because God knows you need it!

  • Yes because you not my slave

    I am not making you clean my house freedom mostly cause it is a genset the law theres no slavery here and i am not making you work or have a job or get food you do stupid stuff you self be lazy get drunk i don't care free state freedom

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  • Where is freedom?

    33,000 citizens a year killed by gunfire in the USA. An American soldier has less chance of being killed in Kabul than any American city.
    USA has invaded 77 countries since WW1. None have invaded USA.
    Black USA citizens are still being shot willy nilly.
    How do you define freedom?

  • You are only free here to dostupid things, like work, get drunk and watch sports

    You are not allowed to fly to Cuba. Why? Didn't they criticize Fidel Castro for not letting people to come here? You need an $800 permit to feed the homeless. You can't smoke. You cannot go to free college and get free medical care. These are basic human rights that you do not have and many, many countries abroad have, but of course, they only let you watch news about violent countries, like Syria, Egypt, Iran, etc. Why persecute Snowden and others? They wanted the world to know how corrupt the government is.

  • America was the place to come for freedom of Religion and free speech but, that' it

    People have the word "free" blown away out of proportion, they think they should be free to do whatever they want but, that is simply not true, we are a civilized nation of laws, rules,regulations and guidelines . I am so tired of people saying " this is America, land of the free so I will do what I want".... Yeah right !

  • The US is enthusiastically transforming itself into a police state

    Anyone who grew up in the US during the cold war was fed a steady diet of anti-Communist propaganda. Those communists were truly evil people. They arrested people without trial. Sometimes they just assassinated them. They tortured prisoners to get information. Phone calls were monitored, mail was read. They invaded other countries, overthrew their governments, and imposed friendly puppet regimes.

    Which of these does the US not do?

    In 1983, Ronald Regan gave his famous "evil empire" speech. Who's the evil empire now?

  • Wake Up America

    Starting to get upset with all the Land of the free talk. Is it so hard to look north and realize oh Canada has freedom too. Oh wait so does Autrailia, not to mention an $18 minimum wage. For free countries. America blows. We were Ranked 20th in the Human Freedom Index. Can you name 20 countries. Yea. Times have changed. Stop acting like the rest of the world lives in chains. Also yea I wish I could leave but there is a thing called citizenship that I don't have anywhere else.

  • America is not the land of free.

    The U.S. has certain freedoms but other developed democracies are well ahead in the freedom stakes. The U.S. only ranks 41st for freedom of the press 5th for freedom of speech.
    To claim, as some on here have, that the U.S. is the only country that is free shows insular ignorance and a lack of education.

    Posted by: Sako
  • So what it might have freedom now but it was a land of slavery

    Lets not forget that america enslaved black people it is not a land of freedom it never has been in my opinion americans are getting ahead of themselves calling america the land of freedom pfff theland of freedom my ass. And even if ppl have freedom most of the countries in the world have freedom americans have no right calling america a land of "freedom"

  • Land of the Rich, Privileged, and yes, White.

    For me at least, America is not the land of the free. Everyone jumps on the "Being poor is your own fault" and "Well if he wasn't a thug, he wouldn't have gotten shot" bandwagons. None of that is true. If you're born poor, that's most likely going to be where you die, and it's by design. The system is specifically designed to make the poor work harder and get poorer, and the rich get richer because of that. And if you're unlucky enough to be of an ethnicity (mainly Hispanic, and definitely Black), you might as well go jump in a lake. How is that freedom?

  • The patriot act

    America is not the land of the free. It is controlled by special interests and corporations that make it a point to not let folks get ahead in life. The system is designed to enslave the average person to be a worker in a cookie cutter life. Go to svhool, buy a house, hage kids, so they can feed the system, work till you have one foot in the grave then die. That is the american way.

  • The patriot act

    America is not the land of the free. It is controlled by special interests and corporations that make it a point to not let folks get ahead in life. The system is designed to enslave the average person to be a worker in a cookie cutter life. Go to svhool, buy a house, hage kids, so they can feed the system, work till you have one foot in the grave then die. That is the american way.

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