• A failure of Diplomacy

    I am not completely for yes, nor am I for no. The fact is, we've been in the middle east for a long time. Our first major event that pissed people off was spearheading Israel. Then we put a dummy president, the Shah in Power. It's not like the people just started to hate us, but it made a branch of people more radical against us. Just like how any society reacts when pushed to its limits. For example: Hitler. So it it our fault? Not completely. Like I said, It was a failure of diplomacy. We should have talked more to their leaders and vice versa. My point being, cooler heads did not prevail, and we killed them and they killed us. That's how the world works.

  • Definitely

    While I have no doubt Bin Laden masterminded and orchestrated the entire attack on the in New York and Washington I believe he did so believing the US was a legitimate enemy. His religious fanaticism notwithstanding, some of his justification for targeting the US is not without foundation.
    As stated on the other side, the US has been a world power since WWI. What they did with that power in various regions was to enrich itself along the same lines as empire builders throughout history. Americans have amassed huge fortunes and tremendous powers with the extraction of natural resources, at the expense of the indigenous people.
    Not unlike the conditions or the American Revolutionary War, the desire for autonomy from the empirical power strongly fueled the movement toward violent actions. On the other side of the equation were the Americans not wishing to cede any of the gains they made in the various regions. What ensued was a classic David and Goliath type scenario. The only difference in the prelude to the conflict which followed was the devastation caused by modern weaponry. The underdog wishing to inflict as much damage on, what viewed as the oppressor used the means available to them. The lives lost in Iraq (still a mystery why that happened) was disproportionately high considering the total losses from the twin towers. Using only the mean average of 100,000 civilian casualties in Iraq following the US led invasion, the reprisals constituted a 10:1 ratio. Any student of history will not be surprised by this ratio. Larger forces have always killed in higher proportion to their own losses.
    In order to attempt to understand the mindset of the underdog you only have to understand that their lives were and are constantly outside of their control. They watch their natural resources being plundered with profits only going to someone else. In this case a foreign power.
    So in a very broad sense, the US was responsible for the reprisals suffered from the 9/11 attacks. I don’t believe any conspiracy existed.


    The 9/11 was a coordinated attack by anti-American forces outside the nation's boundaries. There is never a just cause for terrorism, and the extremists who participated had internalized radical, overbloated ideas which can never be justified, regardless of what offense the nation perpetrated in the eyes of these people. America cannot be blamed.

    Posted by: rb94
  • Absolutely Not

    To suggest that the United States of America is responsible for the 9/11 attacks is a ridiculous assertion. While we may not be the most popular country in the world, there is no justification that the USA is responsible for the deaths of over 3,000 individuals. Militant Islamic extremists are to blame for that, not America.

  • Not at all.

    The question can be taken two ways, but I would disagree with both ways. If it's asking if the U.S was aware of and orchestrated the attacks themselves, then no, I firmly disagree with that. Osama bin Laden took responsibility for that attack, and if he was some U.S ploy, then they wouldn't've killed him. If it's asking if the U.S did things in the world that made Osama bin Laden attack us, I believe it didn't either. The U.S has been a world power since World War I and has been involved in world issues since then. Osama bin Laden attacked on the belief that it was some holy war against the U.S, which had done nothing.

  • The US Did Not Know About The 9/11 Attacks

    Though there were warning signs that terrorism was on the rise, there has not been sufficient evidence that the American government knew ahead of time of a planned attack on U.S. soil. The scope of damage and the planning involved with 9/11 could not have been predicted, in my opinion. Though it is horrible to have suffered such extreme loss of life, it has brought more attention to preventing future terrorist attacks.

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