• Really? This is definitely our fault

    How can it be that we as American people are so completely blind to a war going on in our own backyard (and admittedly in our own borders as well). The only thing that disturbs me more than our lack of interest in a conflict that has cost over 100,000 lives (other estimates show upwards of 120,000 fatalities during President Calderón's administration alone [http://www.Drugpolicy.Org/drug-war-statistics]) is our obsession with denying any role in the problem.

    There are many reasons why we are responsible for this war, here are a few:

    1. We trained Los Zetas (the most violent and active cartel in Mexico [http://www.Soaw.Org/component/content/article/1/1994]).
    2. We have a huge demand for drugs. 24.6 million people over the age of 12 use drugs in the U.S. (that's 1 in 10 people using drugs in the U.S.[http://www.Drugwarfacts.Org/cms/Drug_Usage#sthash.5ietIuc3.Dpbs])
    3. Our government has sold weapons directly to Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel. (http://www.Soaw.Org/category-table/3729-captured-zeta-leader-weve-purchased-weapons-from-the-us-government-itself).

    We are so conscious of human rights issues when there happens to be resources we need in the same area (oil in the Middle East and Africa) but when there is a clear and present danger right across our border that is costing the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, we turn a blind eye.

    Not only do we turn a blind eye but we refuse to improve the situation by legalizing marijuana which would cripple the cartels by damaging their income. We sent troops across the world but do nothing to help Mexico in this mess we've more than helped to create. Even more embarrassing is we criminalize the people that are trying to escape this war torn country. We make it impossible for them to enter legally and then make ridiculous plans to build walls and profile any Hispanic that lives in our borders.

    We need to figure this out America. It's frustrating as hell that we are distracted by celebrities and other frivolities and can't seem to prioritize the sanctity of human lives (that we have endangered) over Miley Cyrus' boobs. Lets get a grip.

  • No long explanation needed

    There are a couple of reasons that implicate the United States in this sadly ignored situation.
    1. The continued criminalization of marijuana and other substances.
    2. Influx of US military weapons given to cartels.
    3. The U.S. Military training of Los Zetas cartel leaders.

    These 3 sad points have lead to THOUSANDS of brutal murders and how does the U.S. Respond? By ignoring the situation, blaming it on Mexico, denying any role in the drug problem, and embarrassing, degrading, and racist immigration laws.

    The American people have a duty to address these issues. We are so eager to become involved in human rights issues all over the globe, yet we ignore injustices that we cause right on our porch.

  • Yes, all the way

    It is no surprise that the cartels are growing at an alarming rate, and no matter how hard the government tries they cannot get a grip of the situation. However it is quite obvious why they are becoming more stronger. The US demand on drugs are giving the cartels the hefty profit that they need to survive. Plus the fact that many US companies are making an incredible amount of money selling weapons to the cartel is not surprising either. 7/10 weapons confiscated from the cartels can be traced back to the US. Private prisons also make large amounts of money thanks to the amount of prisoners related to the drug wars. In the end it is a problem that the US is causing and is blaming on Mexico.

  • The US is a contributing factor

    Americans consume drugs. Mexicans supply drugs. Two simple sentences. Smoking marijuana may seem like a victimless crime but it has Mexican blood on it. 1000's of innocent Mexicans are killed because of the American hunger for drugs. We are morally obligated to assist the Mexican people, take notice I did not mention the corrupt government that devalues the life of the average Mexican. The Americans tighten border security which makes the transport of drugs more complicated. The innocent victims are the poor working people in Mexico or the migrants coming to escape poverty and violence.

  • Yes, the US is absolutely responsible

    It's well known that the US was the #1 consumer of drugs that came from the South/Central American drug trade. We have always been and still are the #1 consumer. The heavy-handed war on drugs in the US made the drug trade very lucrative. Where there is a demand, there's a supply and the demand in the US is huge.

    We are absolutely responsible for the drug war in Mexico.

  • Yes, absolutely responsible

    It's a well known that US citizens were the #1 consumers of the Central American drug trade. We were and still are the #1 consumer of drugs that come out of Mexico. We allowed the cartels to come to power. We are responsible. The heavy-handed war on drugs in the US made the drug trade such a lucrative business.

    Where there's demand, there's supply and the demand in the US is huge.

  • I truly believe that the United States is responsible for the deadly drug wars in Mexico.

    I truly believe that the United States is responsible for
    the deadly drug wars in Mexico. This is
    because drug users in the United States buy more drugs from Mexico than people
    from any other country. Many people in
    Mexico die so that some rich Americans can have access to their drugs.

  • America IS responsible

    America has not given Mexico (a third world country) their full support. The U.S. has given MANY guns to Mexican drug lords, they dont give their own people the right information. Most Americans dont even know that there are over 5,000 drug dealers on the streets or if they know, they dont do anything about it.

  • Yes the U.S. is responsible for Mexico's drugs war

    The war on drugs is exactly why we got so many problems with them, both here and abroad as well. It creates a subset of people who are deemed "criminals" just because they choose to smoke weed or any other type of drug deemed illegal. This leads to much violence and problems, that simply would not exist if they were made legal as the underground market would evaporate. The violence in Mexico at the border is but one example of this. So yes the U.S. I believe is responsible for Mexico's drug war, by criminalizing and demonizing both the drugs and those that choose to use those drugs, you ask for these kinds of problems.

  • The U.S. Isn’t responsible.

    The U.S. Isn’t responsible for something that happened within their country. It is true though that the U.S. Has funded money to Mexico to try to stop the drug trafficking and drug cartel, but this is the problem of Mexico. Mexico should have done something about this while it was small not a big, powerful and violent as it is today. If Mexico also funded more in education then many citizens won’t enter the drug dealing as well. The citizens would have an education causing them to turn away from the drug dealing cause they have a job that is both safe and get a good income. The problem with this though is that without a good job or education the youth of Mexico will probably get into the drug trade for money, women, a good income, or whatever other reason they have. While the U.S. Could have helped more you need to remember the U.S. Has its own problems as well that it has to deal as well. Also, if Mexico has funded more into public safety then things wouldn't have gone as bad as it is today. People wouldn't be dying right and left were it is normal. They can't even go outside with out the fear of being killed.

  • No. But the US can help.

    Ultimately, Mexico's drug war happens within Mexico so it's Mexico's problem. However, if the US ended its own futile war on drugs, then legal drugs could be obtained much more easily and cheaply, and the Mexican drug cartels would be put out of business. So, I don't think that the US is responsible for the situation in Mexico, but a more intelligent US policy would be good for both the US and Mexico.

  • No, but it does affect us

    We are not responsible for the war but when it does and is brought into our country than we need to do everything we can to stop it. We need to stop the drugs from coming into the US. We do some things to stay on top of it, but we need to keep advancing and try to do more.

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