• Does not need to be a question.

    When it comes to animal rights, it doesn't matter what flag is flown, all geopolitical entities have a job to protect our animal friends so that poachers do not take advantage of them.
    At the same time, South Africa must ensure that U.S. money is well spent and not wasted on an expensive vacation, all sides must protect animals from poaching.

  • South Africa benefits from U.S. help to stop poaching

    Poaching in South Africa is increasing and threatening the existence of several species. According to WWF, this type of poaching is the fifth most profitable illegal activity, grossing about $10 billion each year. The long-term survival of these great animals is important to the entire world and future generations. Combating poaching is a monumental task. The U.S. needs to help fund South Africa's ongoing efforts.

  • People poach because of profit

    The only way to stop anything that is unsavory is to make the incentive not to do it better than the incentive to do it. Poaching is a business in South Africa that some of the citizens do to make a living. The only way to stop it is to make it more profitable for people not to do it.

  • We have to protect the animals

    The U.S is standing on the side of right by funding efforts to stop poaching in South Africa, especially when some of our citizens are involved in purchasing the goods, regardless of whether it is unwitting or not. Greed causes a great deal of the destruction of animals. The ivory, furs and other goods eventually finds its way into the states, making huge profits for the poachers. To thwart this we have to find ways to deter the poaching from happening in the first place, so funding is a great place to start.

  • It's not our country and not our problem.

    Poaching does decrease biodiversity and is therefore bad for all of us, but it is not the place of the U.S. government to interfere or provide funding for something that falls under the jurisdiction of another sovereign authority. If Americans are concerned about poaching in other countries, there are plenty of NGOs they can support. It should not come out of everyone's taxes.

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