• People are forgetting how horible HIV can be

    Since the 1980s, treatment for HIV has come a long way. Many people are managing to live for long periods of time with the virus. People are beginning to forget what an horrible epidemic it was in the past, and are not as careful when having sex. It would be easy for the virus to begin to spread again, and could be a more lethal virus.

  • Unfortunately I Think so Because People Still Live in Denial

    We may not be where we were decades ago with the HIV virus but we aren't where it still isn't a threat. Unfortunately, there are still those who don't think we should all be aware that we are at risk of getting the virus. Also, there still is no known cure for it, yes we have come a long way with our treatments, but it's still not been eliminated.

  • The US is and will be vulnerable to HIV spreading

    HIV is spread through contact with blood and bodily fluids. So nurses, physicians, IV drug users, and those having unprotected sex are always at risk if interacting with a HIV positive person. Because we know how it is spread, nurses and physicians can take measures to protect themselves, but many IV drug users and men who have sex with men put themselves at risk either knowingly or unknowingly (because one party did not disclose HIV positive status).

  • Unfortunately yes we are vulnerable

    With the invention of computers, the internet, dating sites and social media there is so many ways that people can reach out to each other. Monogamy now seems to be a thing of the past and based on social media postings, it sometimes feels like we are back at Woodstock with the "free love" generation. Promiscuity seems to be on the rise, as noted by the Ashley Madison hacking which showcased a lot of married people who were looking for others to cheat with. It's as though everyone forgot about the Aids epidemic and the other sexually transmitted diseases that are still out here. We are vulnerable because of these lapses in judgement and moments of lack of clarity. It only takes one encounter to become infected, which increases exponentially with the increase in partners.

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