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  • The U.S. strategy against ISIL is not working

    The U.S. strategy against ISIL is an unfettered failure. While pictures and film showing bombs blowing up make for nice television, one bomb does not a success make. We have been fed lines from the administration that we are winning this war, but nothing could be further from the truth. It was only a mere few days after being told that ISIL was a JV team of operatives and were contained, when the next attack happened. We are not winning.

  • Too early to tell

    If the terrorist movement in question is still able to have an enduring appeal to the sick people who are drawn to it, clearly the fight against it is made a little more complicated. With the anti-Islamic rhetoric which has so far gone unchecked, the prospects of a US victory against such a 'powerful' enemy seem slim for the foreseeable future. What needs to happen in order to stem the tide and start to make substantial gains in this particular war the US needs to be able work tandem with Russia. These two great nations have a far better chance of succeeding against ISIS only if they can put their differences aside for the greater good.

  • The U.S. could do more to combat ISIL

    There are reports of terrorism around the globe on a weekly basis, incidents which ISIL claims responsibility for. The U.S. seems committed in its effort to stop ISIL through military action in Syria and Iraq. Yet, the threats of ISIL are far from over. ISIL is unrelenting and unpredictable.One way to combat ISIL is to send more ground troops to the areas ISIL controls and face ISIL directly - it's what ISIL wants. Yet, this is a dangerous course of action. At this point, it would be better for the continue to work closely with the forces opposing ISIL as a military aid and advisor. It is necessary to remain vigilant and not take threats lightly.

  • I do not think that the U.S. strategy against ISIL is working.

    I do not believe that the United States Strategy against the Islamic State of Iraq is working at all. I feel like there is not really a strategy at all. ISIL is still actively staging attacks against our military and even its own people. I think we need to be much more aggressive against Iraq.

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