• 100% totally fair

    We live in the U.S. not for free. So we deserve to pay these taxes. Everyone is able to pay taxes and if they can't they are illiterate. Financially and economically. Trump will continue the practice of our tax system which is very good. Bernie sanders wants to change it because he is illiterate.

  • Absolutely not fair.

    One of the main reasons why Rome collapsed was because they had an unfair tax system. The people who didn't have a lot were burdened with the brute of the taxes, while the wealthiest manipulated the laws to avoid paying their equal share. I guess we are just waiting for USA's demise too

  • It is fair.

    Although it is a pain to pay taxes, I have to say that the U.S. tax system is fair. It is at least as fair, or more fair, than most other countries. Paying taxes is always unfair to some extent, but at least in the United States you know why you are paying what you are paying.

  • Too much weight is put on the upper classes

    The top 1% of taxpayers pay the same amount in federal income as the bottom 95%, half of whom don't even pay taxes. Entirely too much weight is put on the upper classes to support a country in which most of the lower classes try to clam their way out of paying income tax.

  • It has not been for awhile

    No, the US taxation system is not fair at all and after the results of the recent Presidential election, over half of Americans agree with this. People that make millions of dollars pay less taxes than the average middle class American. How does this make any sense? If anything, they should at least pay the same percentage, if not more. Once the taxation system is changed, I think we will get back our strong middle class and help clear up some of the deficit.

  • The middle class suffers.

    Under the current taxation system, the middle class suffers the most; the poor don't pay much because they can't, and the rich don't pay much because they know how to get around it. In addition, the apparatus is usually set up to tax less of the kind of income they usually make. We can't really get any more out of the poor, so the answer, as maligned as it sometimes is, is to tax the rich more.

  • Getting Richer on the Backs of the Poor

    In today’s cumbersome taxation system, the rich continue to get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class barely gets by. For those of us who want our children to not only have the best of everything they can have today, but who can look forward to a smoother tomorrow, we need revisions to the tax system so that the upper 5-10% pay their fair share.

  • Not When Rich Pay Less of Percentage

    Yes, making money is an inherent right of the free market system. Rich people deserve to keep the hard-earned money they make. Yet the American taxation system is unfair because rich people have less of a percentage of their income taxed. A national sales tax, instead of income taxes, is a much more fair system in today's consumer-based society. Without income taxes, Americans have more money to spend on goods that will generate more tax revenue.

  • I needed to do a project

    This doesnt help thanks tho but i think taxes are way to high for the lower class they say that the more money you make the more you get taxed but that doesnt help the people who are making alot less money adn geting \half of it taken in taxes

  • My supporting headline

    All taxes on gifts, estates, capital gains, alternative minimums, Social Security, Medicare and self-employment. All taxes on gifts, estates, capital gains, alternative minimums, Social Security, Medicare and self-employment. All taxes on gifts, estates, capital gains, alternative minimums, Social Security, Medicare and self-employment. All taxes on gifts, estates, capital gains, alternative minimums, Social Security, Medicare and self-employment.

  • I’ll pay the taxes, but you give me your vote.

    What’s most unfair is the fact all the taxes we pay get us NOTHING. If those owning property, and the paying taxes that support you seems fair, all I ask in return is for you not to cancel out my vote. Let me vote on the factors involved in providing the best way for me to continue supporting myself AND YOU. If it’s obvious you don’t make prudent decisions about your own life, why in the hell are you making them about mine?

  • No no no

    Since no means no, i am going to say no. They are not fair. Taxes are stupid. Taxes rob people from what they make. Taxes kill puppies. Taxes are really bad for your bank account. Taxes are the reason that people worship the devil. Have an awesome day every one

  • The taxing system sucks

    I grew up in a well off family. I never thought my family would have money problems, but taxes have done that. The reason my parents made good money is that they worked hard in school, which led to them both going to Ivy Leagues, which led to them getting good jobs that payed well. When I was young, all my parents did was work. Now that I understand taxes, I realize that the point of them isn't just to pay for occupations like teachers, but also to pay for people who rather than trying to work, decide to sit and watch us pay for everything they need. I understand that some people take up several jobs to have money, but because of this system a lot of people get lazy and live off our money. Just because people have more money doesn't mean they don't miss it. It takes away from college savings, vacation money, and money we may need in emergencies. For example, growing up with three siblings, there were a lot of injuries and some surgeries. While insurance may pay for some of this, there are still costs that aren't covered.

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