Is the U.S. the world leader in spreading destruction and misery across the planet?

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  • They are not.

    The United States of America, the current world leader is not spreading destruction and misery across the whole planet. The United States is doing what they can to help countries that need it and provide support to the other major countries of the world. Most of the war that the US is involved in was not started by them.

  • No, the U.S. merely responds to destruction and misery already present, in an effort the keep civilization civilized.

    Claims of the United States causing problems across the world are, in reality, complaints from those that are perpetuating conflict, oppression and instability. The U.S. responds to problems and issues across the world, intervening where there are human rights violations, blatantly aggressive military leaders and religious zealots threatening the American way of life or the basic human rights of others. The only voices typically objecting to these actions are those that are actually causing the problems.

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