• This election proves flawed system

    This election is perfect example of a system flawed. The majority of the people of this country know that this man is a threat to everything we stand for and his mental stability is very questionable but gets elected through a system that allowed this to happen anyway. Americans must be concerned because this allows any Hitler type to seize control of this country and makes us incredibly vulnerable.

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  • Yes, there is too much fraud.

    Yes, the US voting system is flawed, because there are no ID requirements. Without having to show an ID to vote, any person can show up and simply say that they are a deceased person who forgot their ID. There are also a lot of ways that a person who is helping on voting can manipulate the vote. There is too much room for fraud in the U.S. voting system.

  • Yes,it is flawed..

    The American electoral system is flawed because of the vote counting system used. Under the current 'first past the post' vote counting system:

    a candidate can lose an election even if he is the majority favorite (the spoiler effect), and
    people do not feel they can vote for who they really want (strategic voting). In order to avoid the spoiler effect they feel they should instead vote for one of the two major parties.

  • Yes, the US should move to a direct election for the President.

    All systems have flaws and one of the most glaring in the US election system is the electoral college. There is no reason to continue to have the electoral college when national election results can be collected rapidly and accurately. The electoral college only opens more potential for abuses which stifle the will of the majority.

  • Popular Vote should Win

    I think the voting system is flawed. The number of electoral votes isn't the best to elect a President. If a popular vote was used to elect the President every vote would mean something. The electoral votes don't always show who the majority of the country wants to elect as their President.

  • Electoral College Needs Reform

    The Electoral College was created by the Founding Fathers to ensure everyone's vote was counted properly and to guard against an illiterate populace. Both of those stigmas disappeared in the United States decades ago. It's time to reform the Electoral College and primary system to something that rewards candidates for grassroots campaigns across the United States. There shouldn't be any "first in the nation" traditions as politics has changed. Everyone deserves an equal vote, which means places like New Hampshire, Iowa, Florida and Ohio shouldn't determine the presidential race every four years.

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