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  • No it failed.

    NO. The war on drugs really means the war on everyone.. That doesn't work for the government or the judicial system. Good way to make money. When you are done having war with other nations.. In the mean time lets have war on our own people. Win win for somebody.

  • It was never a "winnable" war to begin with.

    Mankind has been interested in using mind altering substances for thousands of years. Without changing the internal workings of the human mind, this will not change no matter how many guns, prisons and dollars you try to throw at it. The war on drugs will never be won and the US is foolish to continue believing it otherwise.

  • US has lost

    The US is losing miserably the War on Drugs, both at home and abroad. The US needs to realize it could never win such a war, and the fact that multiple nations, especially within the Western Hemisphere, are now planning to end their participation in this long and bloody war should be a message.

  • The war was lost before most of us were born

    All you need to do to measure the failure of this is look at the prison population in the United States to see how many nonviolent offenders are behind bars on drugs charges. Just like Prohibition didn't work in the 1920s for alcohol, the "War on Drugs" has been a failed war almost since the start. Keeping substances illegal simply does not work, and prohibiting them is not cost effective.

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