• The U.S. is much worse off because of the Iraq War.

    While this war was necessary, it still has negative effects on people. There was protesting to bring our troops home, and people were hurt during this. Then men and women coming back from Iraq were not the same. They were traumatized, they had to learn about their families all over again. Forget about the money that was wasted, think about the families devastated by the loss of a loved one.

  • Yes, the U.S. Is worse off because of the Iraq War.

    As someone who supported the initial invasion and war in Iraq, I now firmly believe that our going there has been a huge mistake. It has left us broke as a nation, and a nation full of injured and traumatized veterans. We are in no way better off from this.

  • It has destroyed many lives.

    Most people look only at the monetary costs of the war, but forget the lives it has affected. The number one killer of U.S. soldiers is not combat, but suicide. Yet, very few people seem to notice or bring attention to this matter. Aside from suicide, you also have the disabled veterans and their families that are now dependent on the U.S. government for aid and sustenance. No one wants their veterans to live as homeless, but many do. One third of New York's homeless population are former veterans. The cost of war is not measured in dollars, but in the lives it has destroyed. This war has destroyed many.

  • Yes We Are

    We are definitely wore off because of the war in Iraq. Many soldiers were killed and our economy is a complete mess. We spent a lot of money in that war and really do not have much to show for it. Looking back, we shouldn't have invaded Iraq and just worried about homeland security.

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