• Neither just nor moral

    1. Raises resentment among targeted populations which can generate fighters which helps perpetuate war
    2. Widespread use with little transparency and accountability leads to a new kind of arms race
    3. It's naive to think that this technology will be used the right way by policy makers and military personnel -- just like any new technology in the past, it WILL be abused, that's just human nature

  • Indiscriminate Slaughter

    As far as I can see, there is only one benefit of drones: fewer American casualties. To begin with, American casualties are generally negligible in modern warfare, due to superior training and weaponry. Groups such as the Taliban can offer very little resistance to such military superiority. As well as this, sending in troops means there is less of a chance of civilian casualties, as obscured vision and the blast radius of drones often kills many innocent bystanders. Drones essentially allow civilian slaughter to be fobbed of as collateral damage, with no direct blame on soldiers who carry out such murder.

  • Yes, Risking lives of civilians is Wrong

    There is absolutely no consideration for the people. Glitches can occur in any form of technology due to human error. There can be bombs misplaced. An example can be Hiroshima, the government tested the bombs, pilots and planes and were still off by 8 miles. Although there are advances in technology, I think we need to wait!

  • Is the US wrong for trying to protect US soldiers?

    Well, clearly not. Had any country had to choose between the lives of foreign civilians and the lives of soldiers of their country, the choice is easy. To some, it may not be the right decision, but a country's responsibility is to it's citizens first and foremost. Thus, the responsible and right decision is to protect US soldiers, reduce the chance of casualties to 0% and use drones.

  • No, it's effective warfare

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an efficient means of fighting that lessens American casualties. Drones, and similarly other weapons such as cruise missiles, are simply modern technology. As with any weapon, they could always be used in an immoral manner, or their use could be politicized, but that is a different issue.

  • No way! We should use them more.

    If a drone is used domestically, it had better be public knowledge. This includes it's mission, flight paths, whereabouts, etc. We can't get into the 'big brother is watching you with a drone' way of living in this country. But, if it used abroad, and we use it like we have been using it, then we should it more. It has been very safe and effective for our military.

  • No, is it wrong to use an effective tool?

    Drones have proven to be an effective method of singling out a defined area where one of our enemies are hiding and eliminating them with a single hit. It is unfortunate that some few innocent people like family members may be hit, or the drone may miss its mark, but a ground search and attack would probably harm far many more people. I actually think drones are far more humane in the fact that they hit a specific target.

  • Not in practice

    How some of the drone strikes are actually carried out is pretty wrong and careless, but the practice itself is not objectionable. If it were done correctly it would bring the number of innocent civilian deaths when targeting terrorists down to essentially zero. Bad intel and an itchy trigger finger have caused that to not be the case.

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