• The UK Benefit system is fair simply because all people deserve a safety net, contributing all the time or not, and they are responsible for the budget existing too.

    Consider the fact a benefit system is there to insure that all people can have a workable way of life and at least basic sustenance, not everyone can luck into opportunity that affords them a comfortable way of life, some people may fall out of jobs and be unable to get back up, others may rise up and start paying increased taxes after being sustained on it. The government budget is fueled by the country, and its people and should be providing for the people since it is created from them anyways.

  • Take out of a kitty you've not paid into...

    Why should people who have never contributed to society expect a system to pay out to them.... Its a system that should benefit the people that have contributed to society and need to take out in exceptional circumstances and then only for a limited time period based upon the circumstances.

  • Checks and Balances are wrong

    My wife chooses to stay at home and look after our 1 year old son, she claims no benefits what so ever and makes no claim on the government. I earn just above the £50K bracket which takes us out of every single benefit there is. (not that we want to claim benefits) However if a couple with a child both earning under £50K can still be entitled to make a claim, how can that be fair! What's going on?

  • Disparaging regarding need....

    Ho can a couple with an 18 month one child .... The mother a care assistant on minimum wage, the father with Memel issues a stay at home father not be able to be housed due to no council property being available and forced to find private rented after being evicted as their previous home was condemned and be financially struggling ........Whilst on the other hand a couple with disabilities have a brand new car adapted, collect original art, go to America on shopping trips stay in top London hotels and watch west end shows, attended expensive sporting events, attend university courses, own designer home appliances and afford top it products and home entertainment all on benefits ....

  • Strivers v Skivers

    Why should hard working citizens pay money to people who can not be bothered to work hard. Although I agree with giving money to the disabled and single parents e.T.C. But why should we give money to people who sit and watch tv all day, which earn more than people who work hard all week and end up earning less than those out of work and on benefits.

  • It is socialized medicine.

    The UK benefit system is not fair. The government provides health for everyone but it is not a good system. A friend of mine in England received an abnormal pap. She was told she needed to come in once a year instead of once every two years. In the U.S. once a year is recommended for healthy women that do not have abnormal pap smears. Women who have abnormal test results are seen every few months to every six months. The UK health program may be cheaper for the individual person but they are not receiving the quality care.

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