Is the UK destined for a more aggressive police force?

  • They will because UK laws differ from USA laws.

    I believe the UK will have a more aggressive police force in the future. Look at the picture. They are very forceful compared to police in the USA. This is also because the UK has different laws than we do here in the United States. Where we have a government who votes on things, they have a queen who can chose to be more forceful or not.

  • Yes, because of terrorism and crime.

    I believe the UK is destined for a more aggressive police force. They have been very fortunate up until now. However, with increased terrorism, corruption and crime in the UK and the world in general, I believe police forces will have to be more aggressive to continue the ensure the safety and well-being of citizens.

  • The UK is not destined for a more aggressive police force.

    The UK is pretty peaceful and their police fore is fine the way it is. Although there have been problems with bombs and such, a stronger police force would do nothing to improve it. There is good gun control and the crime rate is no where near as bad as other countries. There is not as much violence at all.

  • Not at this time

    If the hand is forced it could happen, as is the case anywhere else in the world. The UK as it stands does a pretty admirable job in limiting dangerous weapons possession, while it has some pretty serious knife problems creating a police force that resorts to aggression more is a slippery slope that ends with the solution to everything being adding more guns. Good thing no major country does that, huh?

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