Is the UK going to have a serious economic crisis?

  • The UK is going to have a serious economic crisis.

    The UK is already in an economic crisis and it is clear that it will continue for a long time. Although the austerity measures are helping the government to save money, this will not be enough for a full economic recovery. Unemployment will remain high in the UK, just like the rest of Europe.

  • Aren't all the countries?

    Besides China, I don't see any countries flourishing right now. The entire world's economy is collapsing right now, and has been for some time. Governments and Officials need to have a look at what they are doing to their people. The people need to rise up and tell their governments they won't take this anymore.

  • The UK is going to have a serious economic crisis.

    The UK is going to have a serious economic crisis. Just like the United States, the UK is going to have a economic crisis unless they can come up with solutions. Their job markets need a serious boost if they want to avoid a crisis. There are many ways a country can avoid a crisis financially.

  • UK Should Avoid Serious Economic Crisis

    Fortunately, the United Kingdom should avoid any major economic crises in the near future. The country suffered when the global economy tanked in 2008 and 2009. However, things are going smoothly now in comparison. The chance of another economic crisis always looms, but Britain is better equipped than most countries.

  • As long as they make good decisions.

    The UK does have a lot of good economic viability that shouldn't turn into a full scale economic crisis. The problem is that the UK and other countries and reliant on other country's economies, such as China and America, and if they have a crisis than the UK could as well.

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