• Timing and only occured after Vince gets rights to the name

    The entire things stinks, he looked ill ever since he starting dealing with the company again. Watch the videos from slightly earlier before he starting dealing with them again and he was fine, a rapid and very convenient health decline if your goal is to make money from the name and character that had been signed over to the WWE as part of the terms. This entire things stinks but a brainwashed world I am sure people will accept the 'official' report.

  • He's the ULTIMATE

    One who has an "Ultimate" status does not just go off and die. He is strong, macho, and indestructible. The Ultimate Warrior is a hero in my book and a hero's death is never not a suspicious one. Besides, look at the bod in that picture, for a man in such peak condition, a death is uber suspicious.

  • Nothing to be suspicious about.

    I'll admit, it was a coincidence that he may have "predicted" his death on the Raw before, but it isn't considered credible evidence behind it. I truly am sorry for Warrior, and my condolences go out to his beloved family, but he looked in rough shape not just through the Hall of Fame weekend, but for years. It's unfortunate to see him pass on that early in life, but it is in no way suspicious, and should not be thought of as such.

  • No, not really considering what they do.

    No, I don't think the Ultimate Warrior's death is suspicious. I think a lot of these wrestlers suffer damage from some of the stunts they pull in the ring. I know a lot of the stunts are choreographed now, but there is still trauma. They put their all into their performances for their fans.

  • No, his lifestyle was likely to blame.

    I believe that the Ultimate Warrior's death was likely the result of the lifestyle in which he lived. James Hellwig had a past history in the sport of body building and possibly a long history of steroid use and possibly abuse. Potentially heavy use of such substances may have led to a compromise in his heart health later in life.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe the Ultimate Warrior Death is suspicious. The man was 54 years old and he worked in the arena of wrestling. This means that he probably spent too much time focusing on muscle mass. It is also possible that he abused things such as steroids. Lastly, he was 54 years old and people still die of natural causes at that age, and it is considered quite normal.

  • Steroids will mess you up.

    No, the Ultimate Warrior Death is not suspicious, because he was very hard on his body. That many years of extreme athletics, combined with that many years of steroid use, it is any wonder that he lived as long as he did. He needed to have taken better care of his body.

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