• They don't do anything to stop Human rights violations!

    The UN is secretly paid by the worlds worst dictators. These dictators commit horrific crimes against it people and the UN is doing nothing to stop it. I have a question, How much did turkey pay you to in order to not talk about the Armenian genocide? How much did the Algerian government pay you in order to not talk about the crimes that they are committing against the kabyle people (Berbers)?

  • They waste their time

    The un is pathetically stupid as they don't even help with anything and they didn't help with the Ebola crisis also they should just focus on peacekeeping and helping developing country's . They also investigated other country's when USA is the country they should have checked. They should get it right

  • Yes united nations are stupid.

    5 permanent countries of UN first of all are useless. NONE of the country works at international level for peace and harmony. Talking about USA they just show off their power and THEIR DUMB military. I just want UN to work for peace and help poor countries to grow, but they aren't doing this. I request all united nations to pull up their pants and stop all non sense.

  • Further reform needed

    The EU is at least trying to become more democratic. The UN doesn't even try. The Security Council acts as the British House of Lords from 300 years ago when it could override the popular vote. The General Assembly isn't even elected - the members are appointed, usually by the president or prime minister. I would eliminate the Security Council and make the General Assembly directly elected. 120 total seats by regions (not countries) with proportional representation based on population (similar to how Sweden does) would be best. The majority party leader would be the Assembly leader and set the policies. The Assembly president would carry out administrative duties only and moderate - must be apolitical. Majority vote is required to go to war, but should be to protect people instead of expanding territory/gathering resources (another reason by regions, not countries).

  • Their human democracy index maps are about as reliable as a kid's map to find direction

    This is where the "Nordics are accepting" crowd get their info from. And their maps are stupid because they also put another country that also has a history of racial violence and bigotry (New Zealand) on the top colors of the human democracy index map. So I know that Nordic countries for sure are not really the most accepting (cause they have racial problems themselves).

    The UN is one of the dumbest groups ever. That's why they can't be the Antichrist. They're too dumb to be a threat.

  • Blame countries not the UN.

    The big decisions are made by 5 countries and so blame them for failures by the UN to send peacekeepers into some countries for example. Funding {or not enough funding} by governments don't help the situation. Some of the spin-off groups of the UN do quite well. This includes a group like UNICEF and the World Food Programme.

  • It depends how you look at it.

    The idea of the UN is a great. An international forum where world leaders can get together, talk about the real issues, come up with practical and viable solutions, and all countries, no matter what size they are or what their economic numbers are, are treated as equals. Sovereign equality, basically. In reality, that's not at all what happens. The UN has no real power, it's controlled by 5 megacountries, and as we can see, it has not been that effective. It must be reformed. So no, I would not call it stupid, but it is certainly ineffective at this time and does need reformations.

  • It unites nations

    The United Nations has provided the world with an increase of peace after World War 2 and has united the nations of this world to tackle many issues in their countries. The UN has als brought justice to international criminals for genocide and other war crimes. The UN in general is a good idea, but it needs a ton of reform. The UN may have provided peace after World War 2 but has been unable to cease or stop the wars in Africa and Middle East. Its unification of countries, has caused it to allow dictators to speak at the General Assembly, Gadaffi and the leader of Zimbabwae. The UN still needs some reformations but its exsistence and power has brought the world more closer and brought humans into a new era of peace.

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