Is the United Kingdom charging too much for basic commodities?

  • Cannot agree more.

    One in every four children in UK are so hungry that they search for food in bin. Single parents are singled out by the system. Inflation is 25% high but officially they do not want to agree in that figure. Rich are muling middle class and working class like donkeys of Somalia (they actually committed mass sucide as protest against the inhuman treatments against them by human). In that respect UK poor and working class are still very polite but fuming.

  • Ha Ha Ha

    Yes! The price of gas, electric, petrol/ diesel,food and clothing is constantly on the increase. It is abominable! It is getting harder to live in the UK. The price of gas is meant to increase again, at some point before winter 2014, the food shop is getting to the point of ridiculously expensive. I think everyone knows the situation on petrol!!
    Even if you are on benefits, the governments propaganda and biased media seem to give the impression that if you are on benefits, you are financial fine, whereas this is not the case and use this as a reason to constantly cut benefits as well.
    No wonder most people in the UK are emigrating to Australia and other countries.

  • The price of basic commodities is continually going up

    The price of basic products such as fuel, food, electricity, gas and water is constantly going up but not wages so it is getting harder and harder to live in the UK unless you are rich or in a high paid job or on state benefits. It is getting so hard to live in the UK, in fact a lot of British are looking too immigrate to countries like USA or Canada as it is a easier life. The number of British holiday takers going abroad has gone down as it is to expensive to travel the globe compared to 2005.

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