Is the United Kingdom education system okay (yes) or does it need improvement (no)?

  • No, Improving education is important for UK’s long-term growth strategy

    In the UK, raising educational attainment to the levels of the best in Europe could add one percentage point to growth annually. Raising the performance of UK schools to match that of Finland on core subjects could have a value of more than £8trn over the lifetime of a child born today – few other changes could make such a powerful difference to the UK’s economy.

  • There are opportunities.

    Yes, the United Kingdom education system is okay, because it gives students a lot of opportunities to learn skills in specific fields. Also, the system is able to be tailored to each individual student's interests, more than the system in the United States. The system is also clear on what it takes to be accepted to various universities.

  • Improvements are always possible

    Especially in the world of education, it is always possible to improve the current state of being. Are all teachers highly certified and contiuing their education? Are all students passing, and are they staying in school? Do all students go onto college or some other track towards a career type job?

  • No, the UK's educational system can be improved.

    I think that the UK's educational system can use some improvement. I do not think it is as bad some the United States of America's educational system for example, but it can be better. I think thinking any educational system on Earth needs improvement is not something that should be considered bad.

  • No, it needs to change

    No, their curriculum is too focused on specific career paths and not general education. Their emphasis on British English schooling is also a disadvantage in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and China, where it's more valuable to learn US English, and so it drives down the need for teachers with a formal British schooling.

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