• Yes, the UK economy will suffer.

    Economists agree the UK economy will be harmed by and is already seeing the negative consequences of the BREXIT vote. The UK will have to expend a lot of time and resources to sort out trade agreements with EU nations in upcoming years and may see decreased tourism revenue due to their anti-immigration image. If other EU countries follow their exit, disputes may arise among former EU members, resulting in political problems for the UK.

  • Yes, the Brexit vote will hurt the United Kingdom.

    The United Kingdom is hurting itself with the Brexit vote to leave the European Union. The British economy has enjoyed solid growth over the last 40 years while being a member of the EU. Leaving the Euro-zone will mean a reduction in trade with Europe which will hurt the British economy. Furthermore, the British Pound will continue to lose value; diminishing the purchasing power of Great Britain's citizens.

  • Yes, BREXIT is a disaster.

    BREXIT is a awful decision. BREXIT hurts the economy of the United Kingdom, and the economies around the world. The "Leave" leaders are now having to show that they cannot follow though with their promises. The United Kingdom would have been better off staying in the European Union, with the other major European powers.

  • The UK isn't hurting itself through Brexit.

    The UK's growth has improved according to the spring statement. Granted, the pound did collapse post the Brexit referendum, however no. The UK isn't harming itself at all by leaving the EU, in the long run, the UK will do much better outside of the EU, and with a stronger government (Preferably Libertarian) we WILL do better outside of the EU. #libertarians

  • The United Kingdom is not hurting itself by BREXIT.

    The United Kingdom is not hurting itself by Brexit. Though at the moment, Brexit does seem to be a major crisis for Britain there are certain reasons why United Kingdom and Brexit is a better option. The EU has definitely made it possible for free movement of goods and people but EU is a flawed institution and needs to be reformed.

  • Short term loss, long term gain.

    I agree that in the short run, the UK has shot itself in the foot. Losing free trade with the European continent will undoubtedly have a negative effect on the UK's economy for the foreseeable future as uncertainty looms. But it's already evident that this fear in the markets will not last forever. What the UK will receive in its regained sovereignty doesn't have a price. The EU institution is highly anti-democratic and overbearing and I think the UK, as long as it doesn't go down a path of protectionism and remains an attractive place to do business, will be much better off now that the reins will be returned to the British people.

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