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  • They are helping us alot

    They have been doing good stuff to us like feeding homeless people letting us have own rights and responsebilities and important stuff like going home letting us sit anywhere we want and are building houses and amusement parks to kids that dont have any fun.Thats my argument for the un. Whoever says no is a dumbo

  • United Nations not doing job

    Many people have died of hunger in South Sudan due to famine. A poll was done and only 18% of republicans (American Politicians) agreed that the United Nations were doing its job. The UN has always had a bad problem with keeping peace in a war or war-like situation.


  • They have not prevented wars and from past results to now they have not shown very much change.

    The UN has always had an issue with maintaining peace in a war, or war-like situation. They have always backed away from enforcing physical actions to stop a war. Yes, the best was to end a war is to negotiate but in a situation like that... Do you think the two sides (Who, are fighting AGAINST each other) would sit down and talk cooperatively? No way.

    The UN is a very good idea, an idea that needs to have more enforcement and should not cost a ridiculous amount to stop a war or a simple feud between two countries.

    I will say that they have been doing an okay job of feeding people in need and providing medication and shots for people who need it. But other then that the UN needs to step up their game and show the world that they can help and actually put things into account and will help end all the wars without placing a huge price tag on it.

  • No, they haven't prevented any wars.

    No, the United Nations is not doing a good job, because they are very expensive for few results. The United Nations is a good idea, but it is a lot of talk without many results. The conflicts that exist in the world have existed despite the United Nations. Meanwhile, the UN is very costly to the United States.

  • The Malala speech

    I think not because when Malala, the Pakistani girl who got shot in the head for protest the right to have an education, she was trying to get across her speech, which was very boring, and all people could do was sit and play on their phones, even though I don't blame then but still, the important people that were there shouldn't be on their phones but trying to listern to her speech so it could change lives.

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