Is the United Nations fulfilling its purpose?

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  • Terrorism has taken over the world

    As we all know that despite the functioning of the united nations there is a lot of terrorism in our world especially in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria. Terrorism is giving rise to poverty and illetracy. Thus, I strongly agree that United Nations is not fulfilling its purpose.

  • Have you seen the countries out there today?

    The un is literally doing all they can. I live in a third world country and let me tell you this the aid they offer is extremely different when written on paper. Their main mission is to secure world peace in the most peaceful way possible. Would you prefer for them to go to war with every slight disagreement? The peaceful way is always slower

  • The United Nations is not acting on what it should be acting on.

    There are many different issues in the world today, many wars still occurring, many conflicts between countries and alliances of countries against one another. While it is impossible to generate full agreement between countries, the fact that there are individuals who are still fearing of their lives, there are still countries that fight over land rights, there are still places in the world that are constantly under a state of terror, and there is a need for stinger military to threaten other countries shows that the UN is in fact not fulfilling its purpose of promoting international cooperation to achieve peace and security.

  • No it really does not

    To make a determination of whether the UN is serving its purpose one can start by enlisting

    UN’s charter; its mission and goals. Here are a few from UN’s website:

     Maintain International Peace and Security

     Protect Human Rights

     Uphold International Law

    The UN consists of five of the most powerful countries that are permanent members and have a

    veto power. This means these countries are given an unconditional power to reject a UN

    resolution even if the remaining members are in agreement. The UN preaches democracy, but

    its permanent members are not elected but are handpicked.

    These permanent members are not representative of the world; all but one are European

    nations. Naturally, these nations do not protect the interest of the rest of the world. These

    nations primarily serve their own strategic interest such as securing energy supply but not

    protecting the people of Rwanda, Palestine and Bosnia among others.

    The permanent members of the UN have devastated the world peace with destruction of the

    nations that are unable to defend themselves and loss of human life. These nations have a

    history of acting against the UN’s Security Council’s resolutions knowing full well there are no

    repercussions of these violations. One example is recent wars in the Middle East, which were

    not authorized by the Security Council.

    The very foundation of UN is flawed and ineffective. In my opinion, the UN is drenched in

    seventy years of failures and cannot be entrusted with the delicate responsibility of human rights

    protection and international peace.

  • United Nations Role

    In case of so many countries UN has passed regulations but even after a long time could not implement. For example Kashmir , the main reason of dispute between Pakistan and India. Another example of Palestine. Same case . Almost three / four decades have been passed but still it is a flashing point in that area.

  • The UN acts as a puppet to Super Powers

    The United Nations has just been a front for the opinions of the powerful countries. They have not fulfilled their role as peace keeper in the world. Just take a look at the world around us!!!
    When they dare to put forth a resolution against one of the powerful nations, it is vetoed by one or more of those nations; rendering the UN body as ineffective.

  • United Nations is not fulfilling its duties effectively

    I agree with above statements ,many human , social and religious rights being violated all over the world and UN is just watching, not being able to solve anything .Examples are issues of Syria, Palestine, Burma , many innocent lives lost ,millions homeless , broken families and list goes on

    Posted by: Fm77
  • UN is not doing its job.

    UN is not fulfilling its purpose that's why there is distress and oppression everywhere. UN is failed to keep peace around the world. Development of nuclear weapons is the proof of its failure. There are tensions and wars among the countries. UN is not playing any role to resolve the issues of Palestine, North Korea etc. Majority is living below the poverty line and to some extent UN is responsible for these problems.

  • No Peace. .

    U.N not fulfilling their responsibilities, If they perform their duties well, there will be less destruction in the world and more chances of peace.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .

  • UN is not doing its job.

    There is no peace in the world. Everywhere there is distress and oppression. They are not playing any role to resolve the issues like in Palestine, Many civil wars are going on. Development of Nuclear weapons shows the failure of United Nation.
    There is no justice in the world. These all show the ineffectiveness of UN.

  • Not fulfilling purpose

    The United Nations is not fulfilling its purpose because there is still problems occurring between countries and throughout the world. There is still places where religion, equality and the basic rights of humans are not followed. Some of the problems occurring in the news very frequently can be fixed by the United Nations.

  • No not doing its job

    Although the UN tries its best to maintain order and piece among the nation I believe the UN is not really fulfilling its job and prioritizing its need. I mean look at how many of the people in this world don't even have food to eat or a place to stay, and most importantly many people don't even have clean water to drink. A resource they need to survive.

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