Is the United Nations in the best position to provide leadership and authority on global health?

  • Statistics show that the UN is doing a great job so far on global health. Visit their website you will see for yourself.

    With different programs and funding the UN has pulled together in the past and has shown through statistics that they have done a great job so far. They set goals for the next year to try and accomplish and they are targeted towards the higher demand in needs of different countries.

  • I believe the UN is too intrusive.

    It seems like the UN will start having trade blockades against governments and countries that oppose their godlike rule over global trade. With countries that have government subsidized health care services I can understand why the government would want to ban junk food, however in a market based economy, people should have the freedom to put whatever the hell they want into their systems, just so long as they understand the benefits and side effects of unhealthy diet.

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