Is the United Nations prepared for another world war?

Asked by: JohnGentry
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  • There won't even be another world war.

    We have learnt from our past, the world is a more smarter and more cooperative then in the past. The united nation haven't prepared for it becuase it won't happen again, a war may start, and many wars have started but none of them have drawed mot of the world into them.

  • No way can they be prepared.

    The united nations has made it clear there that they have allowed "veto" powers to the P5 countries. These include: the United states, United Kingdom, Russian Federation, France, and China. If a conflict arrises between any of those permanent members, that country can veto any resolution that is stated. So, no, I don't believe that the united nations is prepared for a world war. An example of today's events include the situations with Ukraine and Russia. Russia is vetoing any resolution that doesn't coincide with their ideals.

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