• Yes it is Jesus!

    America is a Cristian country. The puritan's were Christians, the funders of America were. If your going to pull the "Natives were the originals " card then stop when they were here it wasn't AMDRICA yet. In our money, our everyday life functions God is a partt of. Immigrants brought the idea of other religions, and immigrants are not Americans by birth and no price of paper will ever make them. Merica!

  • Under God and In God We Trust.

    The Founding Fathers had every Intention of making america a soverign christian Republic, Congress Even printed Bibles for their own inhabitents. 82-88% of americans are christian and all of the founding fathers are christian. The Founders said "We hold these truths to be self evidend that all men are created equil and are endowed by their CREATOR with certain unalinable rights". If Rights come from God, Then the Bible Clearly runs the government! This so called seperation of church and state is a lie, its not what it meant at the time. It was to keep the government out of the church, not the church out of the government. It is a 1 diminsinal wall. We are the Christian People, and this is what it means to live Under God in the Land of the Free. BTW All presidents are sworn in by the inagural bible of George washington and they literally used the bible to create the constitution. John adams quotes Jerimiah 17:7 and other verses for the seperation of powers. They held prayer rallies IN CONGRESS. The Captial biulding, for a span of 40 years used to be a church Hosted by Thomas Jefferson adn the Us Military band played the Worship music. The washingotn monument literally has bible verses.
    So Above all, yeah i'd say that makes us a christian nation and only christians should live here. The religouse freedom was only limited to that.

  • In an unsaid manner, yes.

    Though the statistics read that around 77% of Americans are Christian, that does NOT make this a Christian nation. The factors I look at is if Christianity plays a significant role in the way our government functions, and it certainly does. There is "In God we trust" printed on the money, which was not always there. The president Obama was ridiculed by the accusation that he was an atheist or Muslim, instead of being Christian. As if that influences his ability to lead. The Pledge of Allegiance references us as "one nation under God".

    Whether or not this is how it should be is its own debate. The question is if the United States is a Christian nation. Though we are not an officially claimed Christian nation, a majority of our government and citizens ACT with the notion that we are. When we see the practice of separation between church and state return, we can answer "no" to this question.

  • 77% identify as Christian

    According to a poll conducted, 77% of the United States are identified as Christian. The majority of stores who put Christmas things in it, Christmas music played (religious also). Here is the documented source: http://www.Gallup.Com/poll/159548/identify-christian.Aspx Therefore, if the poll says and the majority of people practice it, it must be Christian.

  • What is a religion..

    But an applied philosophy,, and the philosophy of christianity cannot work with other philosophies.. Give a muslin the freedom to be and he won't let you be.. The problem of embracing all religions and cultures is that AMerica is supposed to be the safe haven for those who are escaping those religions and cultures... The gates to heaven are shut and heavily guarded to make sure that only people who value justice and liberty enter.. I am not saying that people of other religions are bad..Or cannot be here... But in certain religions.. Like that of Islam.. Liberty is not seen as being important.. And that threatens the libery of all people.... Immigration laws should not restricted because of us losing jobs,, it should be restricted because we want the right people to prosper... Is it a wonder that the terrorist learnt how to fly here in America? Not to me!

  • Predominantly, yes

    Yes, the major religion in the United States is Christianity. While we were founded on the freedom of religion, Christianity is the most common religion in the nation. We see Christian beliefs and language everywhere, we celebrate Christian holidays on a national level. Non Christians are subject to discrimination because the country is predominantly that of a Christian nation.

  • Did christian kill most native americans? I thought christ preached that christians are supposed to forgive everyone?

    Most, if not all, versions of the new testament tell us to ," turn your cheek". And, when someone asked " how many times? The responce is " 7 x 77 times". Is that what US citizens did with Mexico during the period of manifest destiny? Is that what original european immigrants did with Native Americans, or Indians? No, no, no..We killed them!!

  • Technically, no. Demographically, yes.

    The constitution spells it out. Freedom of religion implies freedom from religion. The freedom to practice your religion freely as long as you don't interfere with the rights of others.

    There is a reason why they speak of a wall of separation between church and state. Because the founding fathers didn't want religion and politics together. They had seen how that worked, and wanted none of it.

    So as much as people quote the erroneous one nation under god, they do so in ignoring the foundational documents of their own country.

  • No! It never was and never will be

    The founding fathers obmitted any religious references to the constitution on purpose. They were sick of religious oppression and wamted a soverign nation free of religious tyrany. They were very clear on keeping religion and government separate. If you think america is/was a christian nation, take a book and smack yourself with it

  • Actions Prove Otherwise

    In many ways, Americans, both now and in the past, have had values and beliefs that stood in contrast to the Bible, and congress is prohibited from establishing a national religion. Furthermore, 1 John 4:20 shows that the Bible Belt had to have been largely non-Christian during the slavery and Jim Crow eras, and some founding fathers were skeptical of key Christian beliefs.

  • Religion in Government is bad

    If we take a look around the world we see nations that are governed by religious law and by secular law. The countries governed by religious law are worse off than religious law such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, and Iran and these countries are horrible for freedoms. Countries such as Sweden, Canada, Japan, and Ireland are good countries and have high freedom standards.

  • The USA is NOT a Christian nation, even though the majority of people are Christians.

    #1 If this was a Christian nation people wouldn't be allowed to choose what to do. There wouldn't be options and such.
    #2 If this was a Christian nation there wouldn't be things here that go against the faith.
    #3 The constitution doesn't state that it is one.

    Those are some my reasons.

  • The USA is NOT a Christian nation, even though the majority of people are Christians.

    #1 If this was a Christian nation people wouldn't be allowed to choose what to do. There wouldn't be options and such.
    #2 If this was a Christian nation there wouldn't be things here that go against the faith.
    #3 The constitution doesn't state that it is one.

    Those are some my reasons.

  • No, Atheists are allowed to ban religion in public places

    Atheists are trying to rule this country and completely get rid of religion. Atheists just lie to get these laws done which violates the first amendment . If this was a Christian nation atheists would not be allowed to get these laws enforced. This country so called Christian nation is full of atheists. This is sad

  • A Christian nation that kills and exploits, I think Not.

    This country has slaughtered the native Americans who were here for many years before the white Christians arrived. The leaders have aided and participated in the exploitation of native peoples in South and Central America, Cuba and the Phillipines.
    With its many faults I still wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

  • The US is not a Christian nation but a melting pot of religions.

    America is the "Melting Pot". Everyone comes here or is born here for a better way of life. This is not a Christian Nation. I find it extremely offensive for some Christians to tell people with different religions that America is a Christian Nation. No, we are a country with FREEDOM OF RELIGION. AKA, "The Melting Pot". Yes, Christmas is popular throughout America, but so is Hannukah and many other non-Christian holidays. America doesn't need a religious title.

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