• You can move wherever you wish and vote for whoever you want

    The majority of citizens in every state, have restrictions allowing minorities to not be abused, but decide how the town will be lead. Frequent changes of government every four years and the limit of two cadences is what keeps the American democracy alive.

    Compare this to totalitarian countries, and you'll immediately realize the difference between democracy with freedom vs. Tyranny and false idealism.

    Talk about evil and twisting truth? Just be a woman and try to live in the Palestinian territories, Iran, Saudi Arabia. Be a doctor under the Khmer Rouge regime. Be a religious Chechnian Muslim in Moscow. Be a Phalang Gulong worshiper in China. Try to be a Jew in Syria, or in Tunisia.

  • Yes and no

    Our founding fathers looked around all the current and past countries and their government systems. They found the two best ones; a democracy and a republic and then America was born. We were not founded as a democracy nor a republic but both in an odd and unusual system. Yes and no because we were created from a mix; also yes and no because we're more so of a oligarchical corporatocracy, not a democracy nor republic.

  • The government is too controlling

    A democracy doesn't give people rights, and then deny them. The Second Amendment was put in place a long time ago, and now the government is trying to take it away. We are being herded like sheep with the government as Shepard, and as soon as one of us gets "out of line", we are forced back to the crowd. I am glad that so many people on this website are aware of what is going on in the government.

  • Test your knowledge about history.

    Question 1 : What is the origin of the "Hitler Salute"? Answer: The "Bellamy Salute" for the "US Pledge of Allegiance". The Bellamy Salute was changed in in 1942.
    Question 2: Which states had laws to protect the Aryan "master race", similar to Nuremberg laws? Answer: Sweden was first (1908), followed by Canada, Switzerland and 27 US States. (Germany No. 33). Redrawn: Virginia (1968), Canada (1976), Sweden (1976). Question: How was the science of race hygiene called? Answer: Eugenics. Question: Where did Adolf Hitler publish German Race Hygiene legislation 6 months before being released in Germany? A.: US Journal "Eugenics Weekly". Q.: How did the Nazis advertise race hygiene? A.: 1927 US Supreme Court ruling "Buck vs. Bell": "It is better for all the world if, instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. ." Q: After returning from Germany in 1934, what did US Eugenicist Charles M. Goethe write to the President of the "Human Betterment Foundation ? A: "You will be interested to know that your work has played a powerful part in shaping the opinions of the group of intellectuals who are behind Hitler in this epoch-making program. Everywhere I sensed that their opinions have been tremendously stimulated by American thought . . . I want you, my dear friend, to carry this thought with you for the rest of your life, that you have really jolted into action a great government of 60 million people." Q: On which meeting in 1934 was the SS invited to present German Race Hygiene ? A: The Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Organization in Pasadena/California. Q; Who was the founder and only sponsor of the Berlin "Institute of Anthropology, Heredity and Eugenics"? A:Rockefeller Foundation Q: In a periodical research report, what did the chief, Ottmar von Verschuer, write to the sponsor about one of his doctor students ? A: Dr. Mengele has joined the SS to continue his twin research in Auschwitz. Q: What happened to the 5 international journals of Eugenics, the world congresses and the science? A: In 1945 all journals renamed, except the US Journal of Psychiatry, which in 1942 claimed "mercy killing" for psychologically "abnormal" children and declared positive feelings of parents to be an own psychiatric disease. The 5 world congresses (London, Berlin, Rotterdam, 2 x New York) officially were "forgotten", Eugenics was renamed into "Human Biology" and "Human Genetics".

    How much did you know about the above? How much did you learn about it in school?
    Could it be that you have been betrayed about the past?
    How can you assume that your leaders tell you the truth about the present?
    Democracies are ruled by the free will of the voter. "Free will depends from reliable information. If information is manipulated, will is not "free". It leads to a soft version of totalitarianism, ruled by those owning the information.

  • It's an oligarchy

    The Government is run by the super rich and the super rich groom every Presidential candidate to make sure he is well bribed in "political donations" and that he won't go messing everything up for them. The US is run by the rich, and is not a democracy. The only changes they make willingly are ones that don't affect their own interests, and ones that keep the public happy. Obama won't pull out of the middle east, but gay rights are a big issue.

    This system uses Red Herrings to twist truth and it hides it's evil behind a curtain of false patriotism and a "moral obligation". It is truly a twisted state of affairs.

  • Not in its direct form, it's a representative democracy

    It's not a country where mob rules, but rather a country where representatives represent the people, instead of having just anyone rule over the country. Mob rule doesn't work. 51% over the 49% is a very dangerous philosophy to live by. So no the United States is not a democracy.

  • It is a Federalist Republic.

    The USA is not a democracy. In Laman's terms, Democracy is where you gather everyone up and have everyone decide what to do on an issue. This leads to problems as it would take a long time and a lot of resources in order to gather every citizen of the USA to vote on every single issue. This is why we are a Republic. We vote representatives into the government to then vote for us. If they don't vote in a favorable way, then we don't re-elect them. Simple as that. We are a FEDERAL republic because we have separation of power between states and the federal government. So, all in all, the USA is a Federalist Republic. Not a Democracy. Not even close to Democracy. In fact, I still find it absolutely aggravating when people make this mistake, because it means that our education system still cannot figure out the difference between 2 very different forms of government.

  • Yeah, uh, no.

    Really, our government is more of a slowly corrupting oligarchy. Slowly, but sure as f**k is it surely. Politics nowadays is all about making convincing lies and breaking promises. And guess what? No one seems to care? A democracy is supposed to be for the citizens, and not the government.

  • No, It's Not a Democracy

    Instead of attacking the facts, I'm going to attack the system at hand here. A democracy is when the people elects the government; demo in Greek means the people. Now, let's see what powers the people have in the United States of America. The people elect electors, which in turn elect the president for them. In effect, the people of the United States aren't voting for Obama, or Romney, but rather voting for someone else to vote for Obama or Romney. The problem with the Electoral College is that sometimes the electorates are legislatively appointed; this allows the minority to sometimes win elections. Also, the Electoral College allows a two-party system to ensure; that means that even if you are a nationalist, a libertarian, a environmentalist, your vote for the "Nationalist Party" or the "Libertarian Party" would be shadowed by the votes of the two main parties. Therefore, it is hard to consider the US a democracy when not all of the people's decisions are put into consideration, or are even considered at all.

  • The government doesn't listen to their people

    No, it isn't, the government just does whatever they want. They are turning my old school into a military school but most of the community opposes it, but they do it anyway. There are also other examples aswell. Politicians are often liars, corrupt, etc. . . . . . .

  • No, it is not a democracy.

    The United Staes of America is not a democracy, but democratic republic. Yet, even then, it is still closer to a Republic than a democracy according to normal school curriculum. Yet, like a democracy the people elect their leaders (president only leader of one branch, while senators are a different one). Because of this, the USA is not a democracy, no matter how similar it may seem.

  • A democracy does not try to take away your rights as a citizen.

    Gun control. Same sex marriage. It makes me mad to know that as a son of a lesbian that my mom will never be able to marry the person she wants to and also that our guns witch has been a tradition in many families might be taken away from us. I mean its already har5d enough to find ammo in stores.

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