Is the United States a nation of 'makers and takers?'

  • I think we are a nation of makers and takers.

    How I define it though is to say, that the small people are the makers, and the takers be it in manpower or money both, are government. We really hold the key to their power and wealth, they would not have it without us giving it to them. They need us a lot more than we need them. So yeah I think we are a country of makers and takers, but I define the common man as the maker, and big government the taker.

  • No we are way better then just some poor counry

    I think that we are makers because we have first created so many invitations are americans and we have also placed fair governments in countries who have dictators we have help many countries get freedom and a bunch of other rights and even if we are takers the whole world depends us so we must be giving something

  • No, USA is vital for technical progress

    The USA is a commercial powerhouse and continues to provide other countries with technology to improve other countries lives. Sure, US citizens are consumers, but so are all other nations. The US creates much wealth for other nations and should continue to do so. I do not believe US is all takers and not givers.

  • Consumerism Rules America

    America is a consumer-based society. Anyone can make and spend money as they please. It's a free market economy and that is how America works. We aren't "makers and takers." The recession seemed to emphasize the difference between the rich and the poor when millions of people lost their jobs due to greedy home lenders. Yet we rebounded. America is still here. The system isn't perfect, but for our democracy it still works.

  • The United States is a nation of productive individuals

    The United States is an industrious, innovative nation with a rich history of production. Our ideals move us to assist those in need and unable to provide for themselves, but they are by and large the exception. Those who can work mostly do. Our robust capitalist economy would not thrive without this fact.

  • The United States Is a Nation of Doers and Achievers

    The United States from the beginning has been a nation where whoever wishes can achieve anything that they can think of. Most of the people look toward starting and building something versus relying on someone else to do it for them. While there are some in the society who think taking from others success is appropriate and right. Most of our people look to doing something to move the nation forward.

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