Is the United States an "imperialist" or an " isolationists"? Or neither? So then how is the United States the aggressor? Or is it?

Asked by: TheStatelyGoose
  • The question is phrased awkwardly- but my vote is for imperialism.

    The United States is an imperialist nation. I will prove this by establishing the role the United States entertains in its present state.

    The United States can be identified as an imperialistic nation based simply on their mere presence within the world. The idea of globalization is peddled nonsense. The United States has military bases spread throughout the world. They dictate a policy which exist to the interest of those in power within the country. We are allowed this expansion based solely on the repercussions that refusal would cost any nation which disputes our authority.

    Imperialism can be defined as a policy which extends a country's power and influence through diplomacy and military efforts. The only reasonable conclusion, given the previous definition, is that the United States is the imperial power in the world.

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