• Media Rules the Country

    When the President of the United States goes on a Talk Show instead of the talk show going to the President Yes, Media Rules the Country. When you have to watch foreign news to find out what's going on in the Country in which you Live while local News and Prime Time journalist run Puff Pieces. YES. Media Rules! When Reality TV or the Perception of Reality makes Billions. Yes, Media Rules! When People are so consumed the walk in front of cars while textitecxting drive while texting or reading Media on there P.C. Then Yes without a doubt Media Rules the Country. It's Pitiful! !!

  • Of course, read the average person's opinion on anything from politics to the state of crime in their neighborhood.

    Fact checking opinions will show that most people have no idea how things really work and base their thinking on what they've heard or read on TV. Case in point is politics. Many people blame the President for policies and actions that had little to do with him--however, the media used that President's name when reporting on said policy/action. "The Bush Administration did x, y, z" or "The Obama Whitehouse did a, b, c" and people quickly blame Bush or Obama for whatever policy they didn't like. Do people really think Bush and Obama sit in the oval office and research then decide on the hundreds of policies, solutions, and events happening every day? No, there are people around them that do those things.
    Media controls what people think and people react to those thoughts.

  • Media can control people.

    Regardless of how much attention the issue drew from people, as soon as the media starts highlighting a new, more interesting topic, people suddenly forget what they've been focusing on but move on to the new issue that has arisen. It was few weeks ago when the whole society was worrying about ebola, but since the Ferguson incident, no one ever mentions ebola. People, even including me, are under control of media.

  • People seem to rely on the media

    If the media were to fall the united states would fall apart I think.
    Due to celebrities getting worshipped like gods.
    Also stuff like cyber attacks and identify theft.
    But that's just me and those industries make the most money that of other places such as more government places. Yep

  • The US is controlled by Corporations

    Literally, look it up, there are actual laws making bribes legal. The media is controlled by corporations, and so is the government, but the media isn't controlling the government. If anything the media is controlled by the government. Why is this measured by the number of words? Why not characters?

  • I am not

    Do to the nature of the media needing ratings I don't use one source for information, I use around 30. Yes people can fall in to a trap when they only use one new source. For example Fox only shows one side of things. There is well over a 1,000 media outlets and not one of them can control you unless you say I believe every thing just one of them says.

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