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  • No the U.S. Government is not too powerful.

    We give the power to the government and have the ability to other throw or undo any ideas or actions that take place by the government. This allows a series of checks and balances to be in place that if the government ever did become to powerful, the U.S. people could step in and over throw whatever it is that is growing to strong or out of proportion.

  • I bet you think it infringes on liberty!

    The is a great player in the enablement of people. The provision of state education is a good example of this, and it is indeed if the goveremt took a greater role in equalising education standards, everyone would have the opportunity (oppotunity being the desirable aspect of freedom) to get any job. The same can be said for redistributing wealth, given the impact wealth has on nurture when growing up. Now I know that the paranoid libertarians out there will see this as oppression by the state but ask yourselves this, which state has greater freedom, the one where all have opportunities or the one where a few have?

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