• The United States is growing weaker in its global influence

    Unfortunately, I do believe the United State is growing weaker in its global influence. It seems that it does not matter what the United States does in international affairs, we are criticized for it. I do not believe the rest of the world looks up to the U.S. anymore. I feel that other countries do not strive to be like us as they did in the past.

  • Yes, the United States is growing weaker in its global influence.

    I believe the United States is growing weaker and weaker in its global influence. We are falling behind in advancements in many areas, be it in health care, the economy, national security, and overall global reputation. The United States seems to be more concerned with issues outside its borders than taking care of the issues within its borders.

  • Yes it is

    The United States is definitely growing weaker in its global influence. The United States is no longer respected like it once was. We don't have the same strong military, same strong economy, or the same strong president. We appear much weaker today to many countries. The US needs to earn that respect back.

  • The United States is not growing weaker in its global influence.

    The problem with this question is that too many people now associate intimidation with global influence. Russia has taken the spotlight for intimidation; many surrounding countries of Russia have lost faith that Russia will be kind to them and are now considering joining NATO, especially after the annexation of Ukraine.
    If anything, I think the USA has expanded its global influence. Many poor, developing nations worldwide wouldn't be in the prospering position as they are in today without the invaluable help and support that the USA has provided. For example, the Philippines now adore the US after the financial aid given. Also, India wouldn't be doing so well if it wasn't for the USA's much needed assistance.

    In terms of military power, I'd say that the US military are falling behind. Just look at the Middle East. Meanwhile, as this is being typed, Russia is sending their fleet to Aleppo to deal with things. No one knows what they're going to do there. Some say that they will use their brute force to even further devastate the war-torn cities.

    In NATO, it is clear that the United States play a key role. When Donald Trump boisterously mentioned his radical idea of getting America out of NATO, the European people froze in fear. America makes up about half of the alliance so, with America gone, that's one less thing stopping Putin from invading Europe.
    This is a clear reflection of how much the European forces rely on the deterent of the USA.

    Additionally, America is still and always will be a global superpower.
    Not only does it have an army far better than any other, it is also known throughout the world for its media, including Hollywood films, famous singers and movies and franchises. You know it's music industry is doing well when people who don't understand the language listen to it.

    Ultimately, the USA is not growing weaker in its global influence. Unless, of course, you view global influence as purely intimidating with force.

  • The United States is still a powerful force

    I think the United States still has considerable influence around the globe. Although there is a rise in power in other countries such as China, most countries look to America to lead the way on many global issues. The United States also has powerful allies and the ability to convince other countries to support them in military actions. The war on terror also seems to have made the United States more powerful as many countries look to them to lead the way to defeat the now constant terror threat.

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