• The United States health insurance mandate is constitutional

    The United States health insurance mandate is constitutional in every way. The reason is because every citizen will benefit from the new health care system. The government is there in the first place to help the American citizens, and having health care for every citizen is constitutional in every way. Just like the United State is obligated to provide and safeguard every citizen, it has the mandate to provide health care to every citizen.

  • It is constutional

    The individual health care mandate does not violate any constitutional law. There was much debate over this, but it wound up being that this mandate was simpy a tax and taxes are constutional. Besides, the Supreme Court voted this as constitutional, and once they make their decision it is, in fact, constitutional.

  • just helping out

    Yes, the new health insurance policy is constitutional. They have already made everyone purchase car insurance, and no one has said anything bad about that, so this will not make all that big of a difference, and is not in any way taking away any rights given in the constitution.

  • No, the individual health insurance mandate in not constitutional.

    Following a strict constructionist view of the constitution, there is nothing expressly stated in the US Constitution that gives the Federal Government the authority to make an individual buy any product, and this includes health insurance. The elastic clause of the constitution was not meant to force people to buy health insurance.

  • No, it is unconstitutional to mandate insurance

    You can't tell insurance companies to chage a certain rate just because someone is healthy and another is sick. A flat rate is not fair to business practices and this is why courts have no upheld the practice as a whole. It has gotten a big push,but it looks to be stuck going back and forth.

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