Is the United States Marine Corps more proficient militarily than the U.S. Army?

  • Professionalism and tactics are better.

    The Army may have the larger force with more bases worldwide, but when it comes to combat efficiency throughout history and physical appearances the Marines win in a landslide victory every time. I respect the Army special forces and their missions accomplished but the regular army is nothing but a bunch of misfits that constantly showing up in the battlefield unprepared and creating more problems than solutions. Look at the accomplishments of major battles in U.S. History that show that without strategic battles such as Guadacanal, Chosin Resiviore, Iraq, Afgan ect. The Marines are a force less than 200 thousand and are feared worldwide. I am biased as a Marine Veteran i suppose but seeing all branches of service in combat scenarios and most of the time they just look less efficient. Final comment, when a Marine completes USMC boot camp and chooses to join another branch they do not have to go through that branches training, however, any other branch choosing to join the Marine Corps regardless of rank has to go through the 13 weeks of training to bring them up to speed. The only thing good out of the Army is the Rangers and even then Marine Corps Recon probably just barely does it better then them. Also the President has the capability of sending the Marine Corps to any conflict first before regular forces join the fight. I suppose that is why we are called the "Presidents own". God rest the souls of all veterans and all branches that have fought and given the ultimate sacrifice, but if you look at the amount of loss the Army and other branches have taken in Iraq and Afgan alone the contrast to the Marines there in lies another statistic of survival of the fittest.

  • Standards are simply higher.

    Marine Corps (USMC) standards of fitness are higher than any branch of service. The POTUS is guarded by Marines. USMC camaraderie is orders of magnitude tighter and more ever-present than it is for any other service, save perhaps the elite units such as the Rangers, SEALs and USAF para-rescue. I still remember Marines telling me that in the USMC, the attitude is that the USMC didn't issue you a wife, i.E. Duty comes first - this is true in all the services, but far more evident in the USMC. Put all of this together and you get something close to an elite unit the size of several divisions.

  • Marines are usually better than the Army

    Your standard Marine is known to be dominant over the regular Army, and can match up to an Army Ranger. A Marine's training is very similar to that of Ranger School, only lacking jump school, and also includes a martial arts program that the regular Army and Rangers lack. (In some cases Marines can kill with their bare hands.) My cousin is a 10-year Ranger vet and can tell you everything I tell you. Just because Rangers are called SOF doesn't make them to be like Navy SEALS, Delta, or Green Beret. In fact, if SEALS were a 10, Delta's like an 8, Green Berets are like a 5 or 6, and Rangers are like 2 maybe 3 at their very best. All you have to do is be at least one step above regular Army to be considered Special Ops in that branch of service, which many fail to realize, leading to the misconception that Rangers are better than common Marines. Rangers are nothing more than glorified airborne. The only reason Marines are not considered SpecOps is because they have their own branch of service altogether. Marines are equal to the Army in the Ranger category and better than the Army if you're talking regular Army infantry or less.

    Now Green Berets or Delta Force? In order to match up or be better than them while being a Marine, you must join Recon or MARSOC. Recon is comparable to Green Beret and trails Delta Force not that far behind. The only way to be all-out "better" than Delta is become a Navy SEAL, and although SEALS are part of the Navy, half of the SEALS happen to be former Marines.

    So no, Army is not better, the Marines overall take the edge, which is why I will join them after high school.

    SOURCES: Several Marine and Army recruiters, Army Ranger vet for a cousin, extensive internet research, (No not Wikipedia.) TV shows, and just the plain fact that the Marines are considered America's premier fighting and defending force. SEMPER FI!

  • Marines are the best

    The US army is amazing and they have highly qualified individuals. However, the general consensus is that the Marines are a much more elite group of individuals with better training and more thorough knowledge of their positions. Often it is the marines that do special missions that the army doesn't do.

  • The Marine Corps were designed for fast action.

    The marine corps were designed for fast action. While they may own vehicles and enough equipment to launch an assault free of all the other branches, they lack enough manpower and supplies to maintain an area for long. They were designed for "Search and Destroy" not "King of the Hill".

  • A lesson in history

    What Swift-Silent-Deadly fails to recognize is the sacrifices of the Army through history. Granted from the beginning no way could have been won without help from the Marine Corps, and Navy. However since the first Boot Camp in Valley Forge, soldiers have been the overall deciding factor in victory for more wars than the Marines. To include, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I/II (excluding the Pacific of course). The real question is which is more organized and efficient. The actual answer is they are both equal, it is all determined on how effective the leadership is. It starts with the honorable commander in chief Obama, then the effectiveness of the military trickles down from their regarding budgets and who is selected to which commissions and and enlistments.

  • A grunt is a grunt.

    Having served in combat in the Army as a grunt and knowing people that were Marine grunts the jobs are nearly identical (this includes Marines who went to the Army). However, the Marines do not have the same quality equipment. Their tactics are no different and they lack the man power that the Army has. Proficiency is going to come from amount of time training and time spent deployed. In terms of training most combat units are going to have similar exercises and budgets (army may have more funding at a battalion level for training as well). In terms of deployments the Army does deploy for longer periods - at least at a conventional level. Finally, the Army is going to have more elite war fighters than the Corps.

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