Is the United States' military operations in Afghanistan, starting in 2001, is justified?

Asked by: ben10kangas
  • The intentions were correct

    Like you stated after the Cold War there was a lot of unfinished business in the Middle East. These were left to fester and spread like a cancer leading to several faction Muslim groups trying to seize power such as al Qaeda, the Taliban.. I agree that like omanjok said the intentions were good but execution was poor. No proper strategy and plans of rebuilding were ever there. Many of my friends served in Iraq and Afghanistan and they were, and I quote 'in limbo' . It was just patrol here and there, get shot at, and no real objective. One cannot blame just the usa because China, Russia, Iran are all major players in destabilizing the region as well. The use is trying to keep the balance, and of course it would be in their interest because let's face it. It's better to have usa influence in those regions than russia

  • We created this mess.

    During the Soviet era, we aided the mujahideen, an Afghan militant group with arms and training. An eventual member of this group was Osama bin Laden. In a sense, we gave the Afghan militants the opportunity to rise to power, instead of letting the Soviets eradicate them. Now, these militants threaten nations across the globe. We are responsible for allowing these terrorist to rise to power and harm innocent people, which makes us responsible for ridding the world of our evil creation.

  • Wrong operations, good intentions.

    We didn't need to send thousands of american troops into Afghanistan to take down al quada and Osama bin Laden, or the Taliban. It was a special forces team(seal team 6) who killed bin Laden. Yes, the Taliban is a bad regime, but america has supported bad regimes all over the world who oppress their people. If you wanted to fight terrorism, then don't be friends with nations that violate human rights and ethics.

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